Friday, February 22, 2019



BSC, CA – There is a buzz coming about the anime-live action film, Alita – Battle Angel. If you haven't heard it yet, you will, either on the news or from someone you know. It's that kind of movie. Also with the very recent philanthropy of James Cameron and the movie production, a young double amputee received two, state of the art, bionic arms/hands akin to the ones for Alita in the movie.

The underground is talking and after the jump we give you a no-spoiler review from Anna, That Star Wars Girl, who like myself and thousands of others, had no prior experience with Alita - Battle Angel except through promo previews. These previews look exciting and rather breakneck in their visual delivery, and they don't lie. This is a movie event like The Matrix, in that you don't want to miss the first go-round for this movie, its story-line, and the coming battle with Captain Marvel, the superhero movie from Marvel, with an Oscar® winner paid 10x what RDJ was for the first Iron Man.

Though the press junket reviews are glowing with praise for Captain Marvel at present, there is a growing distrust that the critics writing movie reviews are 'lobbied' for positive accolades to fatten box office openings. This fan opinion has ignited a war that so far has tanked Solo and Ghostbusters – 2016, plus called into question sourced official critiques. The main points of discussion between movies, to put it plain and simple, are the main characters and the story arc. Early previews of CM look flatter than the ones for Solo, and the story behind Alita is both deep and artistically alluring. The same can't be said for five-time rebooted comic book, Captain Marvel.



BSC, CA – In a trend started by Democrat Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party has become the Party of the bubble people. In Hollywood, cough, Disney Star Wars; MSM, cough, fake news; academia, cough, fake history, and in politics, cough, fake people. But non-politicians don't spout fake agendas and it was nice to see and hear President Trump emphasize that America will never be a socialist country. Stay tuned for the Democrat party infighting especially brought about by AOC, now nicknamed “Ocrasio” Cortez, "so fresh, so face."

Recently released by AOC with Dem Ed Markey, the Green New Deal seems toothless, ambitious, and just north of crazy, but what can you expect from a barmaid elected to Congress. Talking to old friend, Fast Eddy, it was easy to see [and I do mean 'see'] why Fast Eddy thought highly of AOC as a person. “She's hot!”

I countered with, “But she has no brains.” That stopped his argument but I ranted on. "Ocrasio thinks she is the new FDR." However, the Disney comic book artist/storyteller, Carl Barks, once did a story about the core socialist value used in 'Ocrasio's' GND. The core principle is equity, not equality, because the GND is socialist/communist in principle. In Bark's story, everyone gets a bag of Uncle Scrooge's money, leaving him penniless and everyone else, a millionaire. BTW, this story was the reason that Uncle Scrooge Comics were banned in Russia.

Thursday, February 7, 2019



BSC, CA – Last night was the much vaulted State of the Union address from the duly elected 45th President of the United States, someone else who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame along with Ronald Reagan.

I watched most of the President's speech, missing the first few minutes, and today I wondered how other people saw the speech. I wondered because I was sure of what I saw, but did anyone else see the same picture that I did. You know, the one I saw with my own eyes versus the one mainstream media among others, that will tell me what I saw [fake news].

Rather than foster my own views on you, Sports Fans, I decided to go to more renown young people who are a few generations hipper and more connected than myself. Having used their videos before to illustrate a political viewpoint, I once again called upon Ben and Lucas for clarity and wisdom in clearly calling out this muddy situation. Their vids await after the jump.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019



BSC, CA – There is a difference in the way folks view reality in this country and in this world. One side has the official outlook and one side doesn't. There are many factors involved in these opposing points, starting with politics in society, but make no mistake, a line in the sand has been drawn. At stake is our greatest resource and one that is listed on the rear cover of my book. That resource is US. Both the country and the people.

Most readers here, with new readers joining daily, have seen The Matrix. If you remember this reference, “You have a splinter in your mind...”

Have you ever wondered just what that 'splinter' reference meant? Think about it now if you haven't before. And while you do that, when you make the jump, there is a free handout in this issue. Meanwhile, the news is Trump, our President and his State of the Union speech tonight.

Friday, January 25, 2019



BSC, CA – My travel to LA has brought me into contact with various eating places including an ethnic Cuban cafe named Gigi's. The food is made in-house by cooks and bakers. They have a full line of delicious items to eat both in the bakery and small restaurant with tables inside and outside on the narrow sidewalk. It's a neighborhood place with most of the customers speaking Spanish by being Cuban. There are several items there that I rotate on as well as the atmosphere.

The last time I was in the place a couple came in, both middle-aged and dressed alike. They seemed to be professionals, owners of something, or maybe part of some old aristocratic Cuban family. I say 'owners' because people who come here from other cultures often display their roots, if they are from a caste system. In America you have the class system which is a little different, but eventually the same when you get down to it.

The woman examined the receipt almost as soon as she left the register, tallying up the total to see if the clerk had overcharged them for the items purchased. Both people seemed detached from the general crowd as if in a world of their own, and not in a magic way but with a condescending aura. They weren't rude, crude, loud, or obnoxious to anyone, but to me their haughtiness stood out from the other customers. True to form, while everyone else bused their own table due to the place being packed at lunch time, these folks, in their laundered pastel blue silk, business casual, button up shirts, left their mess to be picked up by the help. That's what they paid for. House Speaker Pelosi, 78, has the same attitude, except she expects this champagne style to be paid for by the taxpayers. Actually she demands it. After the jump, more on our elected royalty, the no-class class.

Sunday, January 20, 2019



BSC, CA – There is a point that says Hillary got 3,000,000 more votes than Trump, but was Donald'ed by the Electoral College, aka Trump won more States. One news source did look into that three million vote excess and found that nearly all those votes came from California, a state that knows it's not who votes that counts, it's who controls the voters. Presented for your reading pleasure are three tales of this being a Democrat state of deception, provable in plain sight and past Establishment press history.

The first example of Dem Party deception in California comes from my protest partner in Orange County, normally a Republican stronghold. Since the Occupy Movement and the TPP debacle have been hijacked by the new Left, this crippling has been accomplished by the jackboots hiding in plain sight to control the vote. This time, however, it wasn't done with 'found' ballots in a Hertz truck by party members in the South. In blue controlled California it was done before the Props were voted on by changing the ballot wording. In a story* by Horseman and Wheeler [Midterm results highlight changes;], the following point is mentioned from a different angle.

In a casual conversation after the midterms were over, John Diaz asked me what happened to Prop 6, the repeal of the gas tax set by the unelected bureaucracy of 5 who control the tax amount. At lunch John remarked that he and his wife didn't see the tax repeal prop on the ballot when they went to the polls and voted. It's been uncovered that the tax money is spent for anything the lawmakers want, not just for roads and repairs as stated. Knowing that John's wife went out of her way to sign the petition for the measure and that they live in Orange County, I said “Whaaaat?”

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


MATT 24:22A -

BSC, CA - Today we present the latest up-to-date news about chem-trails from A-M[oney], for your catch-up pleasure. Here are things that you won't find in Dane Wigington's latest Geo Engineering hot button work banner. This roundup view is in 2 vids that pop up right after the jump.

The videos are the work of two New Yorkers that are better than the current New Yorker at getting to the real news and leaving out the fake. They are part of the rising class of noteworthy citizen journalists that operate outside the Establishment's paid-for writers who pass as reporters.

Since this article post is about chem-trails, something anyone can see on most days anywhere, and given the fact that chem-trail days are listed as 'cloudy' we present this example of Riverside chem-trails as our lead in shot. Prepare to find out everything about the aerial poisoning including why, from Ben and Rob, in that place with so much to it they had to name it twice: New York, New York.