Friday, December 7, 2018



BSC, CA – Since today is Pearl Harbor Day, my hope is that somewhere a comic book fan is using their autographed picture of Bill Maher to set his NIKEs ablaze. For most people in this country, this is a day of infamy, but not for me. Or at least not after the third marriage. Knowing how bad a memory I have for birthdays, the third wife had a son by me on this very day, now special for another reason separate from the vast majority today.

The picture above comes from Los Angeles, of course. It gives a contemporary look at the start of a war – any war. Today's historical date is the start of a war. This war gave us the United Nations, a global entity that wants to control the world under one unelected control, with one money system, one religion, one language, and one thought. But as Gen. MacArthur once said, “Our country is now geared to an arms economy bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and an incessant propaganda of fear.” - Douglas MacArthur

Was he a prophet or just seeing the truth to war, old [rich] men talking and young [poor] men dying. Regardless of the outcome, the Men in Uniform bravely deserve this day of Honor. My father was an officer in WWII, Army, and two of my sons have Armed Forces experience, with the youngest active in the Air Force. A picture of the two comes out of my family album, a collection that resembles a war torn flag, a lot of it is missing.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018



BSC, CA – On the day before Dec. 5th, the BSC presents what you need to know about the 'deep state'. In this report we will answer how you can see traces of the deep state, basically like the matrix since it is hidden in plain sight. Though the objects of the deep state may not be evident in your locality, the reality is that all you have to do is pull a dollar from your pocket and examine it for the tiny owl symbol. This connects you with strings like a puppet to the program the deep state controls.

And it is a program, make no mistake. And you are a part of it. You and your family have been a part since before you were born. The deep state plan goes back centuries but since in this Day all of Man's secrets are revealed, the deep state is being exposed for all to see. So you may ask, 'what can you do to fight against the deep state' – nothing! Absolutely nothing because you are a part of it all. The best thing for you is to be aware. There are others who fight the deep state for you, just pray for them.

In fact, there is a battle for the world and America, even as we write. Some of the players are well known, like President Trump, but most are hidden from view like in a horror movie. Hidden does not mean they don't exist. When we go into the history of the deep state you will see just how this plan endures. As stated before, you cannot fathom the depth of this deep state unless you know politics, religion, and magic. At this level of life the air is rarefied, so strap on your helmet, Gordy, you're going in. Make the jump, if you're ready. If not, no problem. Just go back to CNN's Don Lemon, who rails against 'white men as a terror threat' then goes home to one every night. My question is, who wears the ball gag?

Sunday, December 2, 2018



BSC, CA – There has been a lot going going on lately so I will just hit the tops of what you see in plain sight before skipping backstage to give you a real glimpse of reality, or in today's terms – Disclosure. BTW, get Alex Jones a WH Press Pass next to Jim Acosta before Dec. 17th.

President Trump's detractors were wrong again about the Honduran horde just as the woman long on name and short on brain is elected to Congress. Antisemitism is highlighted and reacted to, as it should be. Hillary Clinton walks back her Open Borders philosophy for Europe as Christian ethics and traditions retake European values. The Honduran government takes our foreign aid and buys our coke [not the soda]. A major unreported scandal has a new death invoked. Roger Stone is working on a pardon for Assange who may have been indicted, not good news for Dems or their Russian collusion label. Chem trails are now official; good news, eh, Dane? And don't forget your flu shot.

Now I won't be at a movie event happening tomorrow in DTLA [downtown Los Angles] linked here through SecureTeam10, a YouTube channel that reminds me of the real life program Sightings before the fictional hit, “The X-Files”, replaced it. After the jump we head into an interview with another movie's creative talent on a different film. This feature is for those aware of 'Q', the deep state, and our present global situation, or at least those curious concerning the question of what's it all about, Alfie? Though this represents a high level of reality, it isn't the stage wings view.

Saturday, November 24, 2018



BSC, CA – In the 'now for something completely different' category we have the unannounced discovery of the long fabled city of Atlantis. Told of since the days of Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, all mentions of Atlantis, the island, are based on them. The dialogues claim to quote Solon, who visited Egypt between 590 and 580 BC; they state that he translated Egyptian records of Atlantis. Written in 360 BC, Plato introduced Atlantis in Timaeus.

This wonder of ancient civilization, a cradle of the world of tomorrow, to us of today, it was wiped out entirely in a day. Reportedly located between the continents of America and Africa, somewhere in the Atlantic [hence Atlantis] Ocean, people have searched for the 'lost continent' for centuries, but to no avail. I remember growing up in last century and almost every 20 years someone would come along with a supposed location – ptuff!!

Above map drawing indicates current Pacific Ocean
However, and I have looked online at press time, there is no mainstream announcement of the Isle's location, but it has been discovered. Please hear me out. It has been discovered and in the most unlikely way, but just as Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet [1877-1945], predicted, the lost location was discovered in our day* – now. For those who think comics are worthless, the location comes to us from the new Aquaman movie, based on the DC aquatic superhero. In real life, the location was spotted by satellite, so make the jump for another look at how fiction crosses with real life that crosses with fable, which once was real life. Confused, I hope so.

Thursday, November 22, 2018



BSC, CA – First of all, Happy Thanksgiving, to everyone reading this. My personal T-Day feast happened earlier on a special Sunday up in Los Angeles, a few days before the official holiday meal. This special din-din took place in San Fernando Valley with the 420Nurses, and this year I noticed something that appeared in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. That something was a civil political discussion at our table between a 'lost' Christian, an atheist, and me, in the middle like Malcolm.

This table wasn't a special table with place cards so it was totally random, like life. But when you consider the political atmosphere in this country between the Left and the religious Right, particularly in the Press [“enemy of the people”], on campuses with various speakers [Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D'Souza], and in public [Kavanaugh demonstrations], a civil, polite, opinion sharing isn't the order of the day. Today seems more like the call of the wild or a western barroom fight. So how did this orderly and rare discourse take place? Well, like the song line goes, “no, no, child, it wasn't me.”

As I looked at my plate of delicious food, handed out in a line that featured an ex-chef [medical patient], a corporate VP [patient], her dad, and others on a cool night in the Valley with thankfully no wind, and local live entertainment, it reminded me of some friends' affairs in the magical valley that I used to live in, a land of morning mists. Interestingly enough, the one person common to both settings wasn't just me. It was Mary Jane Green, the real star of my Memoirs. You see, marijuana cures more than ills.

Saturday, November 17, 2018



BSC, CA – If you haven't seen one of these Birds [below] hanging around where you live, shop, or just catch a bus, either you live where there is snow on the ground or you are not around the happening youth culture; hipsters in LA or college youth, like Riverside. In LA where they may still serve your sushi on a mini bullet train, motorized scooters are expected because LA has everything including hills. In Riverside as a young person campus bound, if you're not strolling, you're rolling. You either pump the peddle or push the pavement, all with your feet.

Lately motors have gotten smaller and stronger. This technology started with the Segue and morphed into the motorized 'hover board'. Most types were banned or at least given a bad rap about. A picture of a model follows after the jump. A little over two years ago, however, the motorized scooter start-up joined the electric bike for city dwellers. Not available in many climates, locales, or even neighborhoods, this is a niche market meant solely for the college youth, hipsters, and downtowners.

Pictured above is the Bird, a brand that appeared almost overnight as if dropped off by an after dark stork. The concept is simple, high tech, and used by savvy youth with good balance and grace. You download an app, plug in your Driver's lic/ID, and authorize the scooter's number in front of you, then twist the key. Hop onboard to ride like you did as a kid, except to look out for traffic since you ride them in the street like a bicycle. It appeared as if the Birds had this nest all to themselves, but you know what they say: “Build a better mousetrap and someone will duplicate yours” - Unknown

Thursday, November 15, 2018



BSC, CA – Perhaps the ego pushing of Jim Acosta, coming from a Spanish speaking history, is the personal trial echoing the larger crisis of the migrant horde of people pushing their will upon the American people who believe in sovereign nations and what that means. Simply put, this is a push back against the 'new world order' espoused by the United Nations and Agenda 21. The Georgia Guidestones spell it out for any to see, if they look. Again, it is a matter of belief, not fake news since this exists in plain sight.

Were I President, I would cave and redesign the press area, putting a signal light on each school desk with an arm flap for writing. Signals mean no talking and the Prez or his secretary push the button to signal the reporter. Any talking from others gets immediate removal. Access resumed but vocal privileges are taken away. Also hang a sign, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone out of order, as with any public place.” - Law of the Land

Picture from original Murrieta story
The stand I took when Obama's Feds dropped unregistered kids onto Murrieta like a person dumping puppies over a fence is one about the law of the land. It doesn't speak to the causes or effects of American Imperialism. If you have a problem with that, sue the company that is doing it, which is easier say than done. But it can be done and has been by various activists. A better use of time and resources is to find out who is financing this movement and publicize or criminalize the organization as terrorist. Then put them on the list. The first 75 were chauffeured in, hand-picked for SJW, then camped, after the jump.