Saturday, June 23, 2018



BSC, CA – Ever since the day I stumbled across Trattoria Toscana, the Italian restaurant owned by chef Pietro Cinus, and wrote my review of the place, there was an element missing that my Lois Lane nose could sniff. This past summer solstice, Pietro opened a connecting deli, an addition that finally added up to what I was missing. At the end of this review, the solution will be given though clues to the puzzle are sprinkled along the way, Batman Comics style.

The very first clue is revealed in our solstice-styled lead in photo above.

Sunday, June 17, 2018



BSC, CA – I was all set to write my Fathers Day comments about the small group of mementos that I have as remembrances of my three sons and the kids I consider my blended fam. It wasn't a self-pity piece but I do lament the lack of time spent around them. But just when you cry about not having shoes, someone comes along with no feet. My phone rang and a dear old friend, read brother, called to say his daughter had died of a drug overdose.

As I sat there getting the circumstances leading up to the tragedy and the back story, I pushed the sadness back as best I could. I have known this person since she was a baby. An acquired opiate use had morphed into a heroin habit, a story told many times in today's news stories. Unlike the young woman in the story, Hillbilly Heroin, this wasn't a party foul. My friend's daughter had started a methadone program.

However, a recent stint in county for two weeks had pushed her into the clean category. Getting out and returning home, she told her boyfriend that she had an errand to run. He said 'fine' as he was going to bed to sleep for his third shift job. When he got up at 11 pm, he found her, a victim of some additive used in today's China white.

Thursday, June 7, 2018



BSC, CA – Well, shiver me timbers! The current state of disapproval for Disney's version of the Star Wars saga is still erupting like the big island in Hawaii. As one who spent some time in the cosplay world I can vouch for the sentiment of escape by putting on a costume and dancing the night away with others in a comic book world orgy [clothes on]. These folks do not want to hear anything about real world or SJ politics.They don't have to.

This appeal is the psychology behind the popularity to the original Captain Marvel whose alter ego was a kid named Billy Batson. Star Wars sparked the same kind of revelry and fun from the beginning – until The Last Jedi. The latest film about the franchise, Solo, is tanking at the movies and Star Wars fatigue has been blamed by the studio/media. That rebuff and the coming subtitle explained in a fans' online comment is reprinted below.

“If there was a theater guy offering tickets to see infinity war part 2 at the door as you just finished watching part 1.. I bet 80% or more would probably be like "hell yeah!" and pay the money and be excited to see what happens. ---- now, at the end of TLJ, when you were walking out of the theater, would you take up that same offer to see #9? not me. I went into that movie excited and came out feeling like I was just forced to watch amateur porn starring my parents."

Friday, June 1, 2018



BSC, CA – Several things are trending at the moment and I don't know whether any are getting real play in the Establishment canned news. The most recent is the squashed opening of Solo: A Star Wars Story. As a person who lost interest in the series after The Force Awakens but gave a look at Rogue One as a needed piece of the original trilogy, I wasn't around to see what the fallout from The Last Jedi was based on.

TLJ divided the fan base along the cultural divide of long time fans and those familiar with the brand. As it was, about half the movie goers liked it and the other half hated it. This half hated the movie's direction, plot holes, missed opportunities, and disregard for the original hero leads, Hans, Luke, and Leia Poppins. Along with absurd ploys as a given, old loose ends were paved over to make a new story road rather than continue as before, replacing beloved characters with newbies that fizzled for one reason or another.

All avenues for this fan disappointment, and there were many, led back to top exec Kathleen Kennedy, the woman who took over the Star Wars reigns after Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas for 4 extra-large; billion with a 'B'. But both TFA and TLJ made money so plans were on to produce SOLO, a stand alone back story. Based off the few SOLO previews I saw at other films, it didn't seem to pop for me. Turns out my Spidey sense was correcto-mundo.

Thursday, May 31, 2018



BSC, CA – Recent research into Jack Herer for an article titled 'If You Don't Know Jack About Pot' allowed me to see Jack outside of his cult status in the cannabis cause. After the piece appeared, I realized that I didn't know jack about how Jack became the Hemperor beyond the b&w photos of him that I use in stories and the brief time I saw him live on stage addressing the cannabis issue. This was in addition to meeting with him twice where we talked over the issue.

Further complicating the Jack back story was that all the people I found to ask about Jack, from young to old school, none of these people knew each other. They had all known Jack under separate circumstances and at varying times during his life. Because of the cannabis field split between medical, drug war, and full on legalization groups, plus with the hipsters in today's marketplace, not everyone I meet even knows of Jack Herer.

A reveal started to open during the fight against Prop 64 [a 'No On 64' sticker can be seen to Roger Stone's upper right (your left) in his office YouTube interviews – shout out] as I hit SacTown with the Pepper. It seemed that Jack might have a Jerry Springer Show side to him. My ears perked since I can relate, see Memoirs.

Monday, May 21, 2018



BSC, CA – This story begins and ends with birthdays, and the season we are fast approaching. A chance meeting with Patrick, Jeanette, and Melissa at the 420Nurses birthday bash sesh for Vice President, Summer Rain [yes Sports Fans, that's her given name], led to the opportunity for viewing The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a documentary done when Jack Herer was still alive. As I later learned, it was also done the year Jack blessed the last name of Green for my book Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. It was our second meeting.

As stated within, meeting Jack Herer was 'like meeting Elvis and Papa Smurf' and smoking the initial joint of the stain named after him, I was feeling on Cloud 9. However, I left with a Thanos cliff-hanger as Jack said, “Medical marijuana is the worst thing that ever happened to pot.” It was 2003 and I hadn't yet read my complete copy of Jack's book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. By 2009, the year of the blessing and the documentary filming with 3 readings under my belt, I knew the government system was evil. 

The person most responsible for this documentary and my seeing it is Melissa Balin, a person I met at Occupy Los Angeles*. Though smoked universally in camp, OLA had a contingent of 'Free the Weed-Make Pot Legal' activists. They had a spot along the east ridge pretty much level with the south stairs landing, really sweet. Later we would meet up again at the UCC fundraiser on Melrose after the announced release of my book, December 21, 2012.

Sunday, May 13, 2018



BSC, CA – Our featured picture would not be here except for my mom, my magical mother. I have been involved with the civil rights economic boycott of the downtown stores to open their lunch counter to blacks, called Negros, in those days. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had come to town earlier that year, see page 64, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

The Easter boycott named Nothing New For Easter [button motto] shut down a main conduit of revenue to Louisville's white merchants because 'black folks' love to sport their stuff at Easter. Hundreds were arrested in the months we protested. All my friends were, many more than once. My family never got wise until one day six weeks into the daily protests, there was a photo-opted National pic showing staged black protestors because the real protestors were all high school students [the real news], I never missed a protest, and I never got arrested or photographed once. At this time I did not know that one day I would be a wizard.

Though there was a dust-up the day my family found out, the moment passed, thanks to my grandfather, and my protest attendance and unblemished police record stayed that way. No one seemed to notice but I told my mother about it because it was 'very lucky' to me, and we were buds, she being 19 when she bore me. At the start of the summer another protest issue came up; integrating the local amusement park, our wonder warf, Fountain Ferry Park. I got the call and got ready to go over on my bike. My mom asked, I told her, and she gave me her blessing. The picture above resulted. Where am I?