Thursday, September 21, 2017



BSC, CA – A recent conversation brought to light an issue that bobs up every now and then, which is the purpose of the 420Nurses beyond their appointed visual role of pretty models, or more pointedly, are women with their ass cheeks out setting the proper standard for the cannabis cause to the public? When this question comes up, I apply the 'consider the source' template. My first conversation on this topic was with a Jewish male; the second, a Calvinist male with a Catholic origin. Males both, bottom line.

This isn't to say that I don't get their point. When I was younger and saw ass cheeks, one thing came to my mind, and it wasn't cheeks, but in coming to California I made the decision to develop my artistic talent. Having married 3 different women at 3 different periods in my life matured me as a husband [gave up my porn collection with 3rd wife who got me to see the light], and having yada, yada, yada, I was also jaded toward women and relationships. Plus with the seasons being muted, you don't cycle the way you do in states with the classic four seasons, something you don't find out until you move here.

When I first saw the 420Nurses in person at that NORML Xmas Potluck my thoughts were that they were the perfect gimmick for my book. They emphasis the medical and they keep the sexual cutesy, being young. The third time the ass cheeks hit me and I stopped for a minute to look at the landscape flashing by. Was I making the right decision in my choice of spokespersons to stand with and also promote my book through? It wasn't like I had a lot of time to meditate on it because in LA there is always movement. These models weren't sitting around waiting for me to deliberate if you have a nude bike ride in town, what are some ass cheeks, particularly appealing baby moons?

Saturday, September 16, 2017



BSC, CA – Cannabis is a complex topic, which is why I wrote Memoirs. I wanted people to see the prism's color lights at a ground level view to show how delusive it is to tie a simple label around cannabis, much like the foot soldiers the plant uses in this fight. Pot, which is the most famous cannabis product, truly is like having the World's Coolest Girlfriend on your arm; everybody be wantin' to grin wit' cha.

Though Jack saw the Big Picture, which is why he is The Hemperor, the driving force going forth outward from Jack is a group of men and women, all varied with different personalities, different needs, different expectations and visions, but united now as allies for a plant fighting against ownership, commercialism, and privilege. Leading the charge is the health contingent and none is more colorful, dramatic, historic, or connected [some say he has a Joseph Kennedy tie-in, but you didn't read it here], then the last kicking* remainder from those Harvey Milk San Francisco days during the breaking AIDS epidemic, Richard Eastman.

For those who like to stay up to date on things Trump, a friend of both President Trump and Alex Jones, a man named Roger Stone, was barred entry into the Staples Center for the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition, happening 9-13 to 9-15. Undaunted, Stone chose to meet with the heart of the DTLA cannabis circles via The Alchemy Lounge, a stone's throw from the convention center. BSC was at that meeting, see the upcoming Stone Not Walled **. You see, as I waited outside the meeting place in a small crowd, up saunters the guy in the above picture, two days after the above shot was taken. So just who is Richard Eastman and why should you care? Make the jump and find out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017



BSC, CA – Over the summer, the Hollywood Hemp Museum opened its doors with a dual purpose showcasing the art, history, and culture that attributed to the cannabis birth into 'legal' society. With the exception of old stoners, medical patients, activists, and artists, your average U.S. Citizen has been and still is being fed manure concerning The World's Mightiest Plant[s]. Witness the latest fiasco in the move toward 'legal' pot in California.

The Museum seeks to acquaint those who use cannabis [rec required to enter the tour] with the pioneers and activists who advanced the cause, presenting the usual suspects in pictures and news, like Richard Eastman, Jeff Clark, Ed Rosenthal, and of course, Jack Herer. There are others not mentioned here like Dennis Peron but the ones I've listed are people I actually met beyond all the written hype in the news and magazine stories.

California is where the rebirth of cannabis started so coming from somewhere else to Cali, I was always the 'new kid' but up to speed because I read a lot, and I smoked weed [see Memoirs] on a regular basis. Hence I knew all the usual arguments for pot, especially medical, but the reason for this article title is that of all the expects I read and all those who I met, only Jack saw the whole picture, and he was, of course, the link, the next link, in the chain of enlightenment from cannabis.

Sunday, September 10, 2017



BSC, CA – When you look around and see the masses being played like a swine-nette [W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings] from our wing seats, you understand that George Soros hired the band and the Devil is the fiddler. While the tune may be high German with an air of art deco texture [circa 1939], race baiting has been around a lot longer than Hitler and the Klan.

Today's race baiting follows a Hegelian dialectic game plan and is put forth by the man. After the jump a vid of one such group that was suckered in then manipulated in the riots down South. At the Gem Faire I learned about another group drawn into the melee at Laguna Beach. There on the city park size beach the unity group found 100 mounted police officers. Here the media branded them 'Nazis' and encouraged local anti-Nazi violence against them. All a set-up, of course.

This present [rumor of] race war was set into motion by Black Lives Matter, a wolf in sheep's clothing. How do I know? I've met them in person and like The Shadow, I know. This report we begin where George Soros got his start, when Hitler got the Pope's Blessing for his Final Solution. Most of you may know the rest of the answer or 'solution', but do you really know the question? Like Thor's Day becoming Thursday worldwide, a part of history has been disappeared right before your eyes, till now!

Monday, September 4, 2017



BSC, CA – Having recently done a report on the GMO labeling that Bernie Sanders got in place for the people of the United States, this publication breaks the true story about ex-President Obama and his QR codes, now named SmartLabels, just hitting the shelves at your local campus and city eateries/quick stops, etc. True to someone who authorized the commission of the ugliest renditions of black* heroes ever, the QR code tested by this publication didn't work.

The documentation of this debacle is proof again that Sanders' Vermont GMO labeling bill was allowed to advance so as to draw the youth vote in for Hillary Clinton regardless of who the Republicans ran. The revelation in all this is that the loss on Prop 37 [California GMO Labels] was the fault of no one; no group, no gender, no amount of cash raised or spent. The system is rigged; the government is corrupt; get over it.

Or we can be optimistic about this project and hashtag #DitchDarkAct in tweets to President Trump to rescind/defund ex-President Obama and his sellout, poorly-thought up, population thinning, Monsanto backed, corruption funded, non-working QR smartlabels. Mr. President, you do this and every mom across America will be singing your praises while downing out your poser critics. Trust a Rothschild on this one, Sir. More after the jump.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017



BSC, CA – When I lived in Murrieta, my Vietnamese neighbor used to say 'Have fun' when she would see me head off to a Prop 37 honk 'n' wave up in Orange County. One day I stopped to explain that I wasn't going to a fun event, like a party or dance. Spreading the truth was frustrating, time-consuming, but ultimately very fulfilling because once you learn the truth, you can't unlearn it.

Being an event activist [or in my case, an outside agitator since I don't live in Orange County] is also a lesson in political growth because the people you are with aren't your neighbors, family, or school chums. All you share with your cohorts is the truth. Often their values and lives are different but one thing that is common is a belief in orthodox Christianity, usually running from strict to a livable framework.

There is another thing we all share [at these Gem Faire events], a belief in the Alex Jones side of life. We have all seen his show and heard his voice. We have a general knowledge of his mainline subjects and the types of people he talks you can image our wide-eyed delight on Sunday when a walk-up engages John in a winded conversation with a climax of his B&W alien photos taken when he was a part of such secret programs! This Gem Faire we had our Alex Jones moment. After spreading the truth, the truth came to us! More after the jump. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017



BSC, CA – Well Sports Fans, I was gonna title this story The Red Bag of Courage because that's what I'm packing, supplies for the weekend starting on Friday with my usual activist group and a Greasy Spoons show again at Ruby's. This is so fresh that I don't need to put a link for you. The Greasy Spoons are still trending. One listen and you'll know why.

And if you haven't guessed it, the Gem Faire is back at the Costa Mesa [OC] Fairgrounds which means it's time to catch up with the other activist cause leaders. Also the Gem Faire runs the weekend so that's why I'm packing my red travel bag. Calling the bag 'Courage' is a story for another time, as things unfold in the present. Details about the Gem Faire will follow after the jump.

But before we jump, please to remember that the Gem Faire weekend pass $7 per, allows you access to whatever event also being presented, a double-header, as it were. This time again it's the Flying Miz Daisy Vintage Market that's being held this weekend. Details of this fascinating collection of vintage vendors and food booths [products and eateries] concerning those hours are also after the jump.