Sunday, February 8, 2009

Politics and Food: Murrieta Republicans dine in Temecula and spit rocks at Quarry Opponents

Temecula, California - This email report was sent over from Nick Biddle, who is an SOS member and very clearly against the proposed Liberty Quarry. Below is his report from a meeting of the Murrieta Republicans that was held at Pat and Oscars in Temecula. I know that is weird, why not eat in Murrieta - right? Well, based on Nick's account, this was a spicy meal; read on:
"1.***Be sure to read today's two quarry articles in today's Californian, pg. D5.
Fred Bartz's stunning revelation about the relationship between Granite's Karie Reuther and Sen. Denis Hollingsworth is a bombshell.
The other is a Granite-planted stooge who says the five wealthy absentee landowners at the quarry site, who stand to make millions from Liberty Quarry's rent to them, take precedence over the 250,000 local residents of Temecula, Fallbrook, and Murrieta.

2. I'm being urged to write up the Friday Pat & Oscar's Murrieta Republican dinner to all the newspapers. I probably will, but first, here's a "heads up":
Friday night was pleasant until the very end.
Then it got very ugly.

.good food
.good company (packed room)
.young men, one only 17 years old, who are staunch Republicans, like me, (I'm a Charter-Sustaining Member of the RNC since 1972), made me very optimistic for the future of the Republican party. The 17 year old gave an excellent, impassioned speech about why he's a Republican.

Very ugly:
I politely tried to ask Sen. Denis Hollingsworth, the speaker, a question at the end. I was dressed in an expensive sport jacket, and tassle loafers, classic Republican stuff, not bright orange as many of my fellow SOS people, who I hang out with, wore. Yet he ignored me, and scurried quickly out the back door even as I asked him more loudly if I might ask one question. I then quietly asked the people running the meeting with the mikes if I might briefly address my fellow Republicans. A large, burly guy then ordered me off the premises (the restaurant's, not his) and and another even burlier guy followed me out to the parking lot to announce he was calling a "black and white car" (cops) for disturbing the peace, which he in fact was doing by shouting.
I believe Murrieta Republican Party's Adele Harrison who took my dinner reservation on 1/29, gave them a "heads up" about me and all the SOS people who also came, but who politely never spoke, by the way. She had suspiciously asked me then why I wanted to come. I replied because I was a faithful RNC member since '72, even voting for Richard Nixon in '68, and also wanted to ask Sen. Hollingsworth about his support for Granite. She then went ballistic on learning I was for Temecula annexating the quarry site, and loudly called me an elitist snob nutcase, shouting me down.

3. There's a "back story" here, as they say in Washington:
What is it with this local embarrassing, rogue Republican bozo Murrieta group that they have so totally swallowed the Granite Koolaid? They are ferocious bordering on violent, to any dissent from Granite's agenda. Someone needs to do some forensic investigating. What's the money trail, for openers? We know Granite is VERY rich ($3bil. sales). Not good.
The 2d burly thug followed me outside to the parking lot, stood 2" from my face screaming that he's a cop and might now arrest me. I mockingly put my hands up over my head, but at 68 years old I'm not easily intimidated, so I shouted even louder that I am more Conservative than he is, and that he should be ashamed of himself for advocating selling our beautiful Temecula down the river for Granite's profit.

I then drove home.

Stay tuned.
The plot seems to be thickening, a bit, no?

Nick Biddle,

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