Saturday, January 15, 2011

Board'z Grill Review Update

A while back I wrote a review of Board'z Grill for the Full Value Review.  This has been one of our family's favorite casual restaurants for years now.  Our daughter loves the Board'z style Mac and Cheeze and their roasted red potatoes are fantastic.  One of my personal favorite menu items was the Spicy Black Bean Burger.

I went to Board'z last night because I had a craving for that black bean burger.  I usually make my own at home, but it is time consuming to make and I was short on time.  I walked in stoked to have a great dinner before going to the Merc for our Friday night concert series.  When I got to the counter I ordered and was told that the company they got the burgers from had stopped making them and they were out.

Completely thrown for a loop I looked up at the menu again and decided on a Veggie Tube.  "Tube" is the name for their burritos there, the veggie was full of tomatoes, sprouts, carrots, avocado and hash browns.  I subbed the sprouts for lettuce and thought, here goes nothing, I can try something new.

Unfortunately I was not enthused by my new choice.  The hash browns were just barely hot, not cooked nearly long enough.  The carrots were all clumped in one spot so that when you would take a bite, that's all you would get.  The Tube also comes without any sauce, which makes it rather dry.

I won't stop going to Board'z because there are no black bean burgers, but I am disappointed.  I certainly hope they get it back soon.  There are quite a few vegetarian options there for me to try still if they don't replace it though.  Hopefully there is something better than the tube.

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