Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cooking Lunch, Prepping for a School Board Meeting

Here I am at home, cooking lunch. If I was any more hungry I would have ate the potatoes frozen, however I felt it was in my best interest to just go ahead and cook them. I have about 18 gazillion things going today, so I will make this post brief and to the point.

Today has already been an interesting day. As some of you might know, I work one of my jobs with my Dad, he is my 'boss'. The cool thing about him being in the office in the morning is that is the slowest time of the day. Now I can already see eyes rolling, 'really, you want to hang with your Dad, AT WORK no less?' is what you are thinking. The simple answer is yes.

My father an I had a somewhat difficult relationship when I was in my teens and early 20's. Fortunately time has mellowed both of us to the point we can sit and chat about politics, business, family and the most recent way the Lakers screwed up (even if they still win).

This has led me to appreciate my Father in a whole new way. I am grateful for the opportunity to sit and BS with him while he I still young and able to tell a bunch of cool old stories about the 60's, the Beatles, Vietnam and his time as a campaign manager for various Congressmen back in the 70's.

Moral of the story is: don't squander time with your family and friends. Life goes by at a break-neck pace and you certainly don't want regrets now do you?


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