Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Watched the State of the Union Address

So yeah, I watched the State of the Union address tonight.  President Obama spoke a lot about cutting spending, but then also spending funds on the behalf of the future.  I understand what he is saying, and it will be incredibly hard to do.  I hope that in the wake of the Tuscon shooting, legislators can finally put aside their differences and come to some compromises.

There are multiple people doing the same job in the government.  On one hand you say we need to protect jobs; on the other hand we need to cut unnecessary spending.  In that one situation you have to basically become a hypocrite, and a person would be naive to think that is the only place we have unnecessary spending.

The general feel for the speech was the need to address the budget and specifically the insane deficit our country is in.  The public opinion after the speech is positive.  Lets take this positivity and run with it.  Lets build a new, better country.  Lets be the generation that future generations thank, not lament.  Here is your chance for "change" America, lets grab it!

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