Monday, January 3, 2011

The need for Teen activities in Temecula / Menifee / Murrieta

Below is my entire response to a post on Temecula Patch I know there is a need for a more comprehensive teen venue in SW RivCo, here are my thoughts:

I agree for the most part, and fully support more activities for teens. I do host an event at The Merc ( every Friday night and at least 2 of the Fridays are geared toward teens. I have had teens drive from OTHER cities as far away as Yuma Arizona to see events at The Merc and tell me they WISH they had that. Teens also have The Vault as you mentioned. The both venues put together are a lot more than most cities have, including Murrieta, Menifee or Lake Elsinore to the best of my knowledge.
The unfortunate reality is running a teen club is very expensive with very little return on investment, thats why people with money are not lining up to finance such a venue. I know first hand as the guy who started Madlins Coffee House music events in February 2004 and then moved to Java Joz / Cuppy's in January of 2006. Also, 'the city' (in your article) gets a bad rap, however Java Joz / Cuppys was in Murrieta, not Temecula. After Cuppys closed I did shows at the Temecula CRC (in 2007 and 2008) and then for the last 2 years at The Merc; both venues owned by the city of Temecula. In fact Temecula has been one of the most pro-active cities in the area with teens.
What needs to happen for benefit of teens in 2011 in Temecula is an improvement in the economy and a local city putting politics aside and helping a teen venue open. An improved economy might entice the right investor to partner with the right promoters to make a quality, safe venue serving teens a reality. I have plenty of plans and ideas but have yet to find the other right pieces to the puzzle. Who knows, 2011 might really become the year of the teen.

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