Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pic of the Day: Menifee - things that need attention in 2011; Romoland!

Here in the Romoland community in the City of Menifee we need help, sooner than later. This is what Romoland looks like all winter long, flooded. It has been like this for years before we were incorporated into the City of Menifee.
So I ask of you City of Menifee leaders, can you help our local residents in Romoland to end this flooding issue? It drives down land value, leads to blight and certainly won't help stimulate growth and create jobs looking like this. I know that Supervisor Ashley has spend time and resources in HIS part of Romoland, however Supervisor Stone's section of Romoland seems to be the forgotten land, except for the power plant.
Many of the local residents voted for incorporation with the idea that there would be an effort to remove the gangs, tagging, flooding and code enforcement issues - so far the results have been lacking to be honest.
Ideas and/or help anyone??

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