Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red robin, yum.

Took Apryl to Red Robin at the Temecula Mall. She earned this treat for her good grades and positive attitude the last few weeks.

Had the good fortune of having Jennifer, who is the sister of my friend Jarrod Dulaney, as my server. She was very patient with our vegetarian order, taking great effort to get the order correct.
As tasty as Red Robin can be, often they mess up my order. Of course they always make up for the mistakes they make with a free desert or something; however sometimes, when in a hurry you just want it right the first time.

That is what this article is about, good service. As a business owner the best thing you can do is make sure your customers are satisfied, the first time. In encourage my employees to take time and do the job right so we don't have to do the job twice.

I am sure the line cooks at Red Robin Temecula appreciate Jennifer taking the time to get our order correct, as did I.


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