Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I can barely look at the computer right now! I spent most of today sorting through all of our photos and videos in our external hard drive. This mission came about after Bill found a few really good pictures on accident and then couldn't find other ones he wanted. Admittedly Bill is not the world's most organized person so he asked if I could help clean up the mess of the last 10 years.

After spending about 6 hours going through files I am only part of the way done. I can't even give you an estimate because I keep coming across more file that are buried inside folders everytime I open a new one. As frustrating as it is to keep finding more things, it has been so much fun looking at memories from the past decade. I got to watch a video from Thanksgiving at my parents house of my Dad, who passed away last summer. I also got to see pictures from when Apryl was just a little toddler.

When I am finished, Bill and I will be posting some of these on our respective Facebook pages. Lots of good pictures from our past performances as Keenwild will go on our websites for the band. And so many of these memories will be sent to friends and family for them to enjoy as well. I believe if you have something that will bring others happiness, do your best to share it.

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