Thursday, February 24, 2011

City of Murrieta to ban night Happy Hours and close alcohol sales at midnight?


As a local business person I have to say something about this: the City of Murrieta is trying to end all Happy Hours in Murrieta at 8pm and close ALL bars at midnight. The planning commission voted last night 5-0 to send the proposed restrictions to the city council, here is the link to the meeting agenda:

As a parent, I agree you should keep bars and liquor stores away from schools, however this is too restrictive on business development and our own personal freedoms.

I disagree with the idea the planning commission approved. If you disagree as well and own, manage or work at a restaurant in Murrieta that serves alcohol; or even if you just like to go out with friends and enjoy some nightlife - stand up and be heard! You can email the City Council by visiting - let them know how you feel.

Here is a link to the article I read in the Californian this morning:

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  1. Don't see how this will help at all. Murrieta's night life is just as much a part of the local economy as anything else. And as far as these venues go, late hours tend to be good money makers for them. Anyone who wants to have lunch at Chili's should respect thier opportunity to profit off of a hungry, or thirsty late night crowd.