Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Working the day away

Today was a long day. Not a bad day, just a long one. I have been busting butt trying to get some new clients for my property management business, with varied results. Over all some good progress has been made.

For instance, I am attempting to get more rental houses in the Hesperia area. Over the summer we got a few houses out there and they were filled with tenants when we got them. Just today we got notice that one of the tenants were leaving, creating the need for me to head up the Cajon Pass to schedule showings and Open Houses. Since I am going to be up there, it seems like a great opportunity expand our business to a new area. If you know anyone with homes or commercial development in the Hesperia or Victorville area in need of quality property management, please have them contact me at 951-704-2743.

On another note, Jeney and I have been practicing our set list for our show this Friday at The Merc with our friend Rochelle Allured. I am very excited for this show, I hope you will join us. Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.liveatthemerc.com

Have a great Tuesday!


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