Friday, March 25, 2011

Check Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself; or Worse, Me

Admittedly, I have been failing at this writing a blog everyday thing.  My last blog was weeks ago.  Whoops.  So I apologize for my blogging absence and the fact that I am coming back with the following rant.

I understand that I can get impatient while driving, that is why Bill usually drives when we are together.  I tend to get frustrated with traffic and my uncanny ability to catch every single red light.  However, I don't think it is just me be testy, to be annoyed by 40% of today's drivers.  (Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure feels right!)

Today, I was driving down Madison Avenue in Murrieta.  The posted speed limit on this 4 lane road is 45mph.  The car in front of me was already only going 35mph when it started slowing down as we approached the GREEN light.  Slowly they started drifting over into the lefthand turn lane, but not signalling a turn.  By this point I had been forced to slow down to about 25mph, being blocked into the lane by cars speeding in the right lane and stuck behind the car halfway out of the left lane.  The car finally makes the decision to get into the turn lane enough for me to pass, when all of a sudden, it tries to pull back out into my lane.  I had to slam on my brakes and lay on the horn to even get them to notice I was there, narrowly avoiding a collision.

Can anyone tell me why people cannot drive the speed limit?  I know the "excuses": no sign posted, not from the area, etc.; but that can't be the case for everyone.  On a road posted as 45mph, there will be people going 35mph and people going 50mph, but no one actually going the legal speed.  And why is it that when ever you try to go around someone who is driving extra slow, they all of a sudden know what the speed limit is and speed up?

Did you know that turn signals USED to be a luxury item?  Yep.  Until they realized how useful they were and made them mandatory in new vehicles and against the law to not use them.  Know what irks me the most?  When police officers don't signal.  Set a good example please.

Surprising as it seems, that mirror hanging from the middle of your windshield isn't just so you can check your hair or make up.  It is there so you can see the vehicles behind you.  One of my biggest pet peeves is people driving like the only cars on the road are in front of them.

I know it is asking a lot for people to be considerate on the road.  I mean, it is only serious injury or death, right?  What's the big deal?

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