Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sm Biz: Discovering an old favorite; Red Tomato Pizza in Murrieta

Driving around today after picking up Apryl from school, we headed into Murrieta to check on one of my condos for lease. After finishing up at the condo, we decided to roll around and see what was new in the area. In 2005-2007 we did live music for teens at Java Joz coffee house and Monte Vista Elementary MPR and for the bands we would buy pizza.

For awhile we used a large corporate pizza joint. Horrible food, but they delivered and it worked. It worked until one day they gave my wife some attitude when they messed up an order. At this point we 'fired' them and went looking for a new spot.

We stumbled across Red Tomato Pizza (39040 Sky Canyon #108 Murrieta Ca 92563; 951-600-9101) one day and discovered that they had the BEST pizza deal in the valley - $5 medium pizza, cheese or 1 topping. Now this is a real pizza, with good sauce and it is decent cheese. One heck of a deal, and when we came across the place this afternoon we were thrilled to see they were still in business AND they had the same great deal.

I would advise you hit this place up and support local small business, it tastes good and feels good too.


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