Thursday, October 6, 2011

A new house takes time...

One thing no one ever really talks about when you buy a home, is all the energy and time it takes out of your life. As a family we had rented, we didn't want to buy during the housing bubble. So, we buy a house, and we didn't get any house, we got a project. Now don't get me wrong, its a great house, I love it, but it was a bit of a 'fixer-upper'. Not in horrible shape, but it certainly needed some TLC.

Now, a few months in, we are on first name basis with the good folks over at Lowes in Menifee; in every department. We went in with a game plan in place and it has paid off, it also helps to have the help of good people like All American Handyman of Murrieta. Moral of the story is, when buying a home never underestimate the time it will take to 'make it your own' - its always longer than you think.


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