Thursday, January 19, 2012


Temecula, CA – The New Year has started off with a bounce. One of the things happening this week is the next Occupy Movement Event or OME. January 20th marks the two year anniversary of the Citizens United decision that gave corporations the same rights as individual living citizens of the nation. The legacy has been the rise of the super PAC or political action committee. A political action committee forms with one purpose in mind; to bring about a specific political goal, i.e., to elect a certain candidate or enact a particular piece of legislation, since the elected officials don’t seem to write much anymore. Tomorrow at approximately 80 locations across the country, people will occupy the courts.
First off though, I’d like to state the reason for my recent absence from reporting news worthy current events. The main reason for my absence is that I’m working on a story that will finally put Temecula on the music map like Austin, Texas of the late 60s/early 70s. Though the era is different, the heart for making and listening to original music from mid-teen to 20-something bands is the same and a theme I have championed from the very start of my reporting at this site. But I’ve said enough.
Like the Occupy movement itself, I needed to chill and recharge my batteries. As the Congress passed a law making it legal to grab and hold anyone, including Americans, indefinitely without due process of law [as we know it under our Constitution], the Occupy ideal was occupying the Rose Bowl parade. In a classic ‘stick and move’ maneuver, the Occupy movement is again resurfacing on the anniversary of the Supreme Court opinion that gave birth to ‘citizen corporations’, a concept that when announced made Obama blanch causing Justice Roberts, Bush’s boy, to seemingly mouth the words “shuuut uuupppp” (but don’t take my word for it, google the topic and youtube it).
Gathering in over 80 locations will be Occupiers mingled with the next wave of fresh souls who have come to realize that ‘1984’ is here in all its ‘Metropolis’ fashion. It’s either make a stand or be a steak. Coming just two days after the internet protest over Congress’ push to strangle freedom on the internet, the Occupy The Courts Day is keeping the awareness of the oligarchy’s blatant attempt to steal the freedom from a ‘sovereign’ citizenry.
Now I realize the word ‘sovereign’ may have some negative baggage attached to it by the Aryan Nation/white supremacy literature. In truth, the Constitution makes every American citizen a sovereign individual. Being as my readers are intellectual, I’ll leave you, Dear Reader, to research the word ‘sovereign’ and understand how important this recognized status is to personal privilege, especially in comparison to the people of other countries.  
Below is a link to the Occupy The Courts Day location closest to you. I’ll be heading out to Santa Ana. Join me here for the wrap up, gonzo style. Late.

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