Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest Editorial: Medical Marijuana is a blessing, don't take it away

The following post is a guest editorial from Paul B in Temecula Ca: 

Dear friends,

I'd like those of you who really know me and understand my condition to do me a favor. The county of Riverside has recently closed the medical marijuana dispensaries in the un-incorperated land outside of Temecula and Murrieta.
Because both cities are adamantly against dispensaries on city ground, the only place patients like myself can get good medical grade pot on a consistent basis was from the couple of dispensaries off of technology near Winchester and Murrieta hot springs.

Recently the County, working in conjunction with the Justice Department closed the dispensaries, leaving myself and those like me who require medical marijuana for legitimate health reasons to suffer, all in the name of political expedience.

I called Supervisor Jeff Stone's office and spent about 30 minutes today on the phone with his pr girl telling her how closing the dispensaries has been hard on patients like myself who legitimately need medical grade pot. She told me most people that call their office are against the dispensaries and that very few patients actually call to give their side of the story.

Even if you aren't a patient, please give Jeff Stone's office a call at 951 955-1030 and let them know that patients aren't criminals. I didn't ask to be sick, but I thank the lord that I at least have a medication that lets me live life like a normal person. So please call, if enough of you do it it could have a profound impact on my life for the better.

Thank you,
Paul B.

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  1. Things have should changed in four years. Thank the Lord!