Friday, January 6, 2012

Iron skillet fried potatoes with shallots and feta cheese

hot skillet
2 tablespoons oil
add chopped potatoes (I used ore ida, they are gluten free), let them cook for about 4 minutes with lid on (dont touch)
stir gently once, add salt, pepper and shallots to your taste, let cook for 4 more minutes, lid on (dont touch)
stir gently once, adding New Mexico red chili powder and granulated garlic, let cook for 2 more minutes, with lid on, no touching.
stir gently, top with cheese, lid on for 2 more minutes.
serve it and enjoy!

Via Flickr:
hash brown potatoes fried in a cast iron skillet with new mexico red chili powder salt colby cheese and a bit of feta on top

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