Thursday, January 26, 2012


Temecula, CA – While I’d love to say the main title is my wordplay, it was coined by Bill Moyer who returned to the airwaves two nights before the planned Occupy Movement Event that happened this past January 20th, the day singer Etta James died in Riverside. Though some press has written off the Occupy movement as passé, see OC Weekly current issue # 21, The Last Gasp of Occupy OC, reaction against the 1886, yes 1886, plan for corporate personhood first introduced through the Supreme Court was heartfelt and earnest. You won’t read any word about the various courthouse protests that took place across the country, except here in the gonzo press.
           After battling Jackson, financing both sides of the civil war and Lincoln’s assassination, the Banksters duped Wilson, a white Obama, into signing off on the privately-controlled ‘Federal’ Reserve in 1913. Step 1. Once that was accomplished the plan to empty the pockets of the working man/middle class who believed what the country promised was set and decidedly simple. Open the money floodgates and create ‘cheap’ money, giving financial opportunity to everyone, rich and poor, black, Irish, or white, because a rising tide raises all boats. Then you close the gates, tighten the credit,  call in all loan notes, and pocket the windfall from all the investors who tried to better themselves but stayed on the table long enough for the cards to turn. The few rich got richer and the rest got poorer. A cycle of booms and busts started, set in play by the Banksters. The plan was never for the little man to get ahead, just to think he/she might so that they would again reinvest their shekels for fleecing.
In 1976, as if to moon the American people, the Supreme Court granted money the same rights as free speech on the birthday anniversary of the country. Hardly anyone noticed though the action was reported in certain press stories. None of the people who ask for your vote, locally or otherwise, nor the vaulted tea party paid any attention or raised any qualms, then and now. Egos seem to be allowed in place of smarts, egos and ‘breeding’. Time moved on and in 2008, the Supreme Court led by Bush, Jr’s man Roberts, sided with the wealthy 0ne Percent over the interests of the American people in Citizens United v. FEC. Obama, the black Woodrow Wilson, was again caught flatfooted [on video].  
I have been writing political stories and opinion pieces almost since the inception of this website and its various incarnations, but it was only after I got to OLA (Occupy LA, for new readers) that I saw how many people were cognizant of the political realities I expressed. It was as if I had just met my reading audience, but better, since none of the Occupiers were actually [Full Value] readers. The impetus of disclosing the truth of our actual political state in this country has died down quite a bit since now I know some people really do get it. That is a lot more than I can say for the stuffed egos found in the oft persecuted medical marijuana grassroots movement who seem hell-bent in ratting out Mary Jane to the GMO/Drug Policy Alliance folks through self-aggrandizing fundraisers and chest-thumping glory hogs like Richard Eastman, the most photographed HIV positive American since Magic Johnson. There is much truth to the old expression ‘you can lead a horse to water…’
As I surmised there was not a single MMJ booth/table/rep at Occupy The Courts Day, showing me that the movement’s loudest talking heads are self-centered and inclusive, which is sad. What is equally sad is that many in the group are lining up to get butt-fucked by Obama once again on the context that it’s better than voting for the other guy. I’m off their trolley because I’m not drinking the kool-aid or smoking that blunt.
The 150 people who did show up at the Santa Ana protest all had their causes but the only press there was Telemundo, par for the course in our oligarchy controlled media. Once again cars that passed gave us honks of support and the supporters/fellow occupiers were treated to skits, live music, and over 20 different speakers in the park across the street from the federal courthouse at 4th & Ross. But the main theme was from the organization and the still functioning Occupy Long Beach. The point is to remove corporate personhood and ‘money is speech’ from the country’s framework. These two points have made the corruption of our political system legal, thereby ‘fixing’ the system. Of course ‘the system is fixed’ argument is one I put to my racist redneck stoner buddies decades ago when they would question why the black man didn’t own any stores in his own ghetto. Now the white man is seeing that the system isn’t just fixed against blacks and browns. Like the old joke goes, ‘it’s time for his turn in the barrel’. That insight doesn’t make me any happier because it is still sad to see that even the ones who do get it many times still keep their old racism toward those who are a different skin color. The Romans had it right, ‘divide and conquer’ is the way to fuck ‘em all.
(Next, Obama’s Girl Trouble – Bo’s No Dobie Gillis)

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