Monday, February 13, 2012

Liberty Quarry: Tomorrow's hearing could be the fateful day...

I hope I am wrong, but I have my doubts about the outcome of Tuesday's Riverside County Supervisors meeting about the proposed quarry.

I, like many other SW RivCo residents do not support this quarry being approved. I have done the quarry tour, spoke with many of the anti-quarry folks and long ago come to the conclusion that the quarry was a bad deal for the Temecula Valley area.

There are 5 Riverside County Supervisors. I get the impression from comments in the press and political rumor blogs that a couple of the Supervisors might very well vote yes to approve the quarry. I certainly hope Jeff Stone votes no. If Jeff Stone votes yes, that will not only most likely approve the quarry but it will certainly change the local political landscape.

As we come into the June 2012 election filing period for the Supervisor seat Stone holds, a vote yes to approve the quarry will almost certainly bring new candidates into the race. If Mr Stone has a desire to continue serving his district that includes all of the Temecula Valley, he needs to do the right thing and vote no on the quarry and passionately make the case for other County Supervisors to do the same.

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