Wednesday, February 1, 2012


          Temecula, CA – Recently I read and saw Obama in a photo op with the female governor of Arizona and it wasn’t pretty. Without knowing the word exchanges the picture looked like a condescending, opinionated man being dressed down by a pissed off woman, hence the finger in the face moment. Now I’ll be honest. I can’t stand Obama and I was the same about George Bush, Jr. Didn’t listen to the speeches and didn’t watch him on TV. It’s the same with Bo. To me, both are the bookends to the closing stages of America as a great nation, or the perception of a great nation. One was a dumbass ex-cokehead and one is intellectually arrogant. Some choice.         
Still, you can’t escape the influence or blowback from the big cheese in charge, no matter who it is. I got use to the vitriol though I must admit that I had no idea how bad it really was for old Georgie until I saw and heard NoFX’s Fat Mike in the park at Occupy LA that last Sunday. While I didn’t like Bush as a president and think 911 was an inside job costing millions of lives, I never wanted or wished Bush dead. I wasn’t raised that way. I feel the same way about Barack. I may not like his ‘smarter than thou’ attitude but I don’t personally wish him any harm. That is what America is supposed to be about: don’t like your family – move; don’t like your town – move. It’s a big country.
         However, when you couple the prevalent racism with the biggest letdown since Al Capone’s empty safe and add the bowing down to Muslim rulers in light of a culture that appears as barbaric as Conan’s time, you have a ticking time bomb that manifest itself in Facebook pictures showing a shot up tee shirt with the gun toting bros holding the shirt like was a twelve point buck. A dumbass can be looked past but a self-aggrandizing personality in a weak leader who’s poorly executed programs, cough Fast and Furious, or marching orders, cough no more medical marijuana raids, get shit-canned and who is only surrounded by childlike adoration, then you have a clueless ram being led to a lamb’s slaughter with no respect and no sympathy. That is not a good situation for any of us fellow citizens.
          When I read the story of the President’s recent visit to AZ, I was appalled and astounded by the number of collapsed comments, comments supposedly collapsed by the community but in reality are collapsed in all likelihood by the editorial moderators. You would think Hitler was running for Jewish Parliament or Coach Sandusky for Head Start middle school. So before you folks lock and load, give the boy a break. Bo has girl trouble with female leaders outside Michele. He is no Dobie Gillis. Remember, before this

There was this.

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