Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Political Notes: Paule says Melendez chooses Los Angeles Interests over Inland Empire Voters

Menifee, California - Phil Paule's campaign sent out the following press release hitting his opponent hard on local control, specifically Ontario Airport leaving the control of Los Angeles. Read on:

Stating that "we need representatives who take their marching orders from  their Inland Empire constituents, not from the Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa," Assembly Republican candidate Phil Paule today questioned why  his opponent, Lake Elsinore Council Member Melissa Melendez, has sided with the City of Los Angeles on the issue local control of the Ontario Airport.

In casting the deciding vote last night against a Resolution supporting moving the ownership of the Ontario Airport out of the hands of the City of Los Angles and giving the operation of it to a local Inland Empire  Board of Governors , Melendez clearly showed where her loyalties are - with the City of Los Angeles. 

"A vital and competitive Ontario Airport could be a significant source of jobs for the Inland Empire, but the City of Los Angeles has neglected this huge asset and instead worked to drive traffic and jobs to LAX," said Assembly Republican candidate Phil Paule.  "I have no idea why Melissa Melendez would break with the rest of the Inland Empire and side with the City of Los Angeles in rejecting local control."

Paule pointed out that one of his other opponents and a Melendez colleague on the city council, Council Member Bob Magee, supports getting Ontario Airport out of the hands of LA because they are "running it into the ground."

"Why does Melendez want the people of Riverside County to have to drive 2 hours to LAX to catch a flight, when Ontario airport sits nearly deserted," said Paule, who also questioned where she would come down on other issues where the city of Los Angeles was involved. 

"If Melendez is for some reason unduly influenced by the mayor of Los Angeles, what will she do on the many other issues, from school funding, to water, to transportation funding, where our area has to compete with L.A.," said Paule.

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