Thursday, February 2, 2012


          TemecuLA, CA – At present there is a craze sweeping the internet’s YouTube which started with that outer space Lothario who planted the first interracial kiss on television. I’m talking about none other than Captain James T. Kirk, ala William Shatner. After going where no man (on screen) had gone before since Othello (on stage), Bill Shatner has set the bar again by starring in the CBS sitcom $#*! My Dad Says, which is based on the Twitter feed ‘Shit My Dad Says’ created by Justin Halpern. This ‘Shit’ has morphed into a YouTube sensation that is sweeping the nation, and Temecula is leading the pack thanks to my Jewish New Yorker friend, Susan.         
          Being Jewish from my mother and grandmother’s branch of the family and a LLWAP* it was only natural that the red phone lit up with Susan’s text several days before my last cha-cha in Old Town, see Big Dogs Viva Vino. “Oy vey, check out my video,” purred the Yiddish doll on the other end. I did and laughed for ten minutes, replaying the clip several times. But hey, see what you think as you watch ‘Shit Jewish New Yorkers Say’. Also look for the Granddadz Hotdogs cameo and don’t forget to read the production credits. And now – Shit Jewish New Yorkers Say

          Trust me when I say that this isn’t the last time you will hear from Susan. Wondering what I mean by that cryptic remark? A clue is evident in the opening paragraph. Wooooo!
          (* - Lois Lane With a Penis)

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