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         Temecula, CA – First it was Obama’s weakling, no cobbles caving on his campaign promise to uphold state laws for medical marijuana that got the ball rolling for everyone everywhere to see him for the non-leader our first ‘black’ President is. Of course that whole ‘first black’ is total bullshit, just look up John Hanson. Then after giving Mexican drug cartels all the automatic assault weapons they could want through two Federal programs [‘Fast & Furious’ was the only one you heard about], Holder & Co took Second Amendment rights away from medical marijuana patients with a letter. That’s how easy it was. The NRA hung pot smokers out to dry. But that’s alright, y’all next, dumbasses, especially if BO gets a second term.
        Now an ex-mayor, ex-radio dispatcher to boot [and we have all heard stories about these ‘water cooler dictators’, haven’t we], looks to take away driving privileges for medical marijuana patients through legislation recently introduced. Following this report is a just received look at how our so-called [state] government really functions from someone who is on the inside and helpless.
        'Under a bill introduced last month by a SoCal assemblywoman, driving while stoned would result in an automatic DUI offense. The proposed bill would tag this "offense" onto the section of the Vehicle Code that addresses drunk driving. The new section states that any level of "cannabinoids or synthetic cannabinoid compound" found in a driver's blood or urine, up to three hours after a traffic stop, would equate to a DUI, according to AB 2552, which was introduced by Assemblywoman Norma Torres (D-Pomona).
        However,cannabinoids remain in the body for days or weeks after consumption, according to California NORML. If passed, Torres' bill would essentially criminalize outright operation of a motor vehicle by any marijuana user. Torres introduced the bill quietly. No press release accompanied AB 2552's Feb. 27 unveiling.
        Torres is a former 911 dispatcher for the LAPD and mayor of Pomona, serving her second term in Sacramento, and is running for reelection this year. Her financial backers include booze, cops, Native Americans, and media. More specifically, tribal committees, NBC Universal, Millercoors, the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, the Wine Institute, and Anheuser Busch, all of which contributed $1,000 or more to Torres's reelection campaign, according to records.
        Word of the bill's existence broke over the weekend among the marijuana community: NORML issued a press release on Saturday, and union organizers pledged to fight the measure with "everything we have," according to Dan Rush, national director of the medical cannabis and hemp division of United Food and Commercial Workers. The union is also fighting a similar bill in Colorado, Rush said.
       Torres could not be reached over the weekend. However, judging by the state of her Facebook wall -- currently occupied by unhappy marijuana advocates -- somebody at Torres' office must know this isn't popular with pot users.
       The bill has yet to be assigned to a committee in the Assembly. A bill needs to pass committee and both houses of the Legislature before heading to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown, whose signature is required in order for the bill to become law.
       Technically, it is already a crime to drive stoned: "It is unlawful for any person who is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug, or under the combined influence of any alcoholic beverage and drug, to drive a vehicle," the Vehicle Code says. Thinking liberally, one could interpret this to mean that it's also illegal to drive under the influence of prescription medication, or cough syrup.
       It would certainly mean no marijuana user could drive, and would also remove from behind the wheel anyone prescribed Marinol, the synthetic THC pill approved by the FDA.
It's not clear what field sobriety test the state's police, sheriffs, and Highway Patrol would use to ascertain a driver's cannabinoid level. And why would a zero-tolerance policy only be applied to marijuana? "There is no scientific basis for zero tolerance DUI standards," California NORML Director Dale Gieringer wrote in a statement over the weekend.
      "There is no relationship between impairment and the presence of cannabinoids in urine," Gieringer wrote. "Secondly, there is no relationship between impairment and the presence of non-psychoactive cannabinoid metabolites in blood. Third, there is extensive evidence that safe driving is not incompatible with low levels of active THC in the blood."'
(source – The Snitch Chris Roberts)

      “I've been informed that today on the Assembly floor, we are being asked to vote for dozens (37 in all!) of budget bills without any committee discussion, without any analysis, and without any text!
      This isn't even my normal complaint about how we won't get to see the text of the bills until we get on the Floor (which is why I have once again introduced ACA 1 to require bills be in print for 24 hours before we can vote on them), but this time, they aren't going to put any language into the bills until AFTER we vote on them!
      As you might assume, there are games being played here by those in power in Sacramento, and the goal is once again to be sure that you, the voter, get to participate in as little of this discussion as possible.  By passing these bills as empty vessels in both houses, they can then put them in a Conference Committee, which will guarantee that nobody will really see them again until they've worked out a majority vote budget in secrecy, and likely will drop it on us in the middle of the night yet again (which is why I've introduced ACA 2, to prevent midnight sessions out of the view of the public).
      If you think I'm exaggerating, I invite you to look at the bills we are voting on today yourself.  Go to the California Legislative Information Website.
      Then enter any of the following bills:  AB 1464 through AB 1499; AB 1502, and AB 1503
Read the text (or lack thereof), and look for any evidence of a bill analysis or a committee vote.  Be sure to report back if I'm wrong!
      If you're really a glutton for punishment, you can tune in to  today at 9am and watch the Floor Session yourself, so you can see the Alice in Wonderland'ish debate first-hand, and learn how to argue and vote on a bill that really doesn't exist!"

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