Saturday, March 24, 2012


          Temecula, CA – When I relate to my LA friends that have come because of my participation at Occupy LA, about how ‘magical’ this valley is, I always use an example as a metaphor. The latest instance is the local club that has changed owners more times than Maverick has been dealt aces. In the latest possession, the name was briefly changed to something ‘brand new’ [Red Lounge] before common sense for a small town prevailed. You see, in the big city a new name means a crowd to check out the ‘new’ digs but in a small town, a new name means a lot of ‘what?’; where is that?; aehhk. So in the end the new owners kept the name the same as it has been for years, Aloha J’s.
         Over the years Aloha J’s has been the scene for bros, gays, rockers, burlesque, sports, and of course, some of the town’s best drinkers, including a few that I know, hic, Elyse. However, now on Sundays, to use an old Monty Python tagline, they have something completely different, and that’s just half of the story. So in the nature of the Calendar, here’s the whole story, starting first at the valley’s scene chameleon, Aloha J’s.
         The new menu of entertainment at AJ’s on Sunday is as follows, 8-10PM is stand-up comedy; 10-12Midnight is open mic with offerings featuring singers, rappers, music acts and dancers; and from Midnight until 2 the club rocks to old school funk hits played deftly DJ’d by Kool Boy, a pop ‘n’ lock dancer who used to live in Murrieta but now resides in Menifee, CA, which is just down the road on the other side of the mountain that has Lake Elsinore on the other side [for all my new out of town readers].
         It was once said that clothes make the man but nowadays it is clothes that make the connection, at least in my case. At the last Afroman show which sold out the Tilted Kilt, I met Kool Boy because I was wearing my satin Afroman jacket and KB thought I was part of the entourage. Kool Boy had been on an Afroman tour of several months before the show so it was a natural mistake. KB was part of a dance troupe that opened for Afroman, if memory serves me right. KB’s artistic talents have been working the Sunday Aloha crowd now for a little over a month.

        The LA Times featured a story 3 months ago about the show Kool Boy put on for LA’s Skid Row district with Ronnie Hudson. For the style of dance that pop locking is, just follow this link
        Now all of you that are really into fitness, the latest exercise craze sweeping the country is the Latin/Spanish music infused program called ZUMBA. It is the number 1 style going on right now but that may change if Kool Boy has anything to do with it. Initiating a program called ‘Funk Fitness’, KB has been test marketing the idea around the IE. So far, the regiment that is based on exercising to old school funk hits, songs we are all familiar with like Jr. Walker’s Shotgun, has been wildly popular at every gym KB has plugged his new program into, even pulling a hundred people away from a ZUMBA romp.  
       Another creative new twist invented or thought up in this enchanted valley.

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