Wednesday, March 21, 2012


         Temecula, CA – After talking to my friend Catter about his placement of a Samuel Larsen song in his radio playlist highlighting the T-town underground music stars on his upcoming show from LA (stay tuned here for all the details on the debut), he asked if I had seen the  FOX TV show Glee that now features Sam in a continuing 7-arc role. “Been covering the revolution” was no excuse as he said in his radio DJ voice, “Well you’re back now.” So at the first opportunity I decided to check out the hit ensemble series and see my friend in action. Boy, was I surprised, at both the show’s premise and Sam’s acting chops. I always knew he could sing since the 15 North days, but WOW!
         Looking much the same as when we did the Inverse music video Do You Wanna (see below), Sam(uel) joined the cast for the show episode ‘Heart’ which was broadcast 2/14/12, apropos since Sam showed plenty of that in his first outing. In a cast filled with handsome people and colorful characters to say the least (my high school was nothing like this nor had any of these student issues, like lesbianism, to deal with; only racism, a teacher/student affair, and Fonzi types). Sam, with his bohemian good looks and dreadlocks, still stands out as someone unique. It makes me proud of a valley which can offer something and someone completely different to the world stage of Hollywood television. That’s stellar and another music star that I can say ‘I knew you when’ to.
         Unfortunately Lee Koch wasn’t as lucky on The Voice, though I suspect he may have been the victim of being caught in the middle of drama against his sponsor, Christina Aguilera, more than just outdone in fair competition. Here’s hoping he keeps his promise to return to doing music again as he was quoted to say by Vanessa Franco in her weekend piece.
         Sam’s character is named ‘Joe’, who arrives at the school as a transfer student and is Christian. Immediately he is attached to the God Squad, a small group of performers headed by the plump black girl who is a regular lead in the series, judging by the amount of screen time and dialog. Back in my day like in Ferris Bueller, my school was divided by race [except the few of us who were color-blind] and the usual categories, like gear heads, dweebs, jocks, nerds, the ‘in crowd’, etc. In this musical drama the high school kids are separated by talent – Glee – and it would seem by sexual orientation, wealth, and religion. In fact, Sam’s first episode centers on whether ‘Joe’ will be part of the God Squad who take a fundraising job to serenade a lesbian couple with a love song. Christian Joe makes the right decision and we get to see the girls kiss, not just a peck, in the last reel.
        Although the singing is overdubbed, Sam’s voice stands out even in the group singing bits as distinctive. His look which you can see in the photo  is intact and the writers even made ‘Christian’ use of his dreads. In the final grand finale number, if you look closely, you can see a cast member girl grab ‘Joe’ and whisk him off camera. Not sure if that is part of the plot but I guess I will have to watch the next episode to find out. I catch the show on Hulu since I don’t watch television per se.
Congrats Sam, when I see you next I won’t ask for an autograph, just a hug and a handshake, and of course all the backstage dirt [off the record]. 

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