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         Temecula, CA – Reading the comments put forth by the general public following any news about an Occupy Wall Street movement event can be depressing if you take it at face value. Most of the sentiment seems to still believe this whole phenomenon is by lazy hippies and ne'er-do-wells who lack any ambitions. In fact, if you read the opposition views to the Vietnam War protestors, it seems the same people must be writing about the Occupy Movement. This is not surprising since the same war profiteers are involved with our GMO [Genetically Modified Oligarchy] Congress. That’s right, Sports Fans, the same company of people who brought us Agent Orange are now trying to put it on our food supply. If you thought all you had to worry about was radiation droppings, you’re not on the trolley.
         Whether you like it or not, chances are Monsanto contaminated the food you ate today with chemicals and GMOs, [Genetically Modified Organisms]. Monsanto controls much of the world's food supply at the expense of food democracy worldwide. On Friday, March 16, 2012, Occupy Monsanto’s agents of change with the Genetic Crimes Unit (GCU), a group designed to protect America from genetically modified foods, will wear bio-hazmat suits when they visit Congress. The group will gather at Capitol South Metro station at noon on March 16 to highlight how chemical company Monsanto is contaminating our political process. The GCU opposes Monsanto’s bid to increase spraying of food with toxic weed killers like 2,4 D (the main ingredient in Agent Orange), genetic contamination of the organic food supply, and other risks associated with genetically modified food (GMOs).
         The GCU will arrive at the metro station wearing bio-hazmat suits to assess whether Members of Congress and their staff have been victims of genetic crimes. The GCU will hold a banner that reads, “Congress is Genetically Modified”, as they circulate on Capitol Hill sidewalks. This day of action is part of a larger international call to ‘Occupy Monsanto’ taking place all over the globe including Spain, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and at locations throughout the US.
        “In the name of Wall Street profits, chemical corporations such as Monsanto genetically engineer crops to withstand high doses of their toxic weed killers that contaminate our food and water, and have not been proven safe. We deserve to know what we are eating. Virtually every major country requires labeling of GMOs in foods so their citizens can make informed choices, including all of Europe, Japan and even China,” said GCU’s Ariel Vegosen. “Monsanto’s lobbying dollars are pouring into politicians so it’s clear we have a GMO contaminated US Congress that threatens our health and the health of the planet,” says Vegosen.
        Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has introduced 3 bills addressing concerns with GMOs. In addition, more than 900,000 people have signed onto the citizens’ petition to the Food and Drug Administration for GMO labeling (the most to sign an FDA petition ever). Last fall about 100 people* marched in the Right2KnowMarch from New York to the White House to demand President Obama keep his campaign promise to label GMO foods. Video of the promise can be seen here: In California Monsanto faces a 2012 ballot proposition on GMO labeling. Finally, on September 17, 2012 Occupy Monsanto is calling for hundreds of actions internationally,
Shut Down Monsanto and the Anti-Monsanto Project are calling for global days of action to shut down Monsanto on Friday and Saturday March 16 & 17. Below is a list at press time of where you can go to be part of the action.
Saint Louis, MO – March 10 & March 16
Stuttgart, AR
Yuma, AZ
Davis, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Oxnard, CA
Salinas, CA
Stockton, CA
Mystic, CT
Homestead, FL
Hilo, HI
Kihei, HI
Bloomington, IL
Wichita, KS
Luling, LA
Galena, MD
Bozeman, MT
Mt. Olive, NC
Kannapolis, NC
Toledo, OH (Findlay)
Greenville, OH
Easton, PA (March 18)
Hartsville, SC
College Station, TX (March 19)
Seattle, WA
Seattle, WA
Othello, WA
Madison, WI
Middleton, WI
Washington, DC – March 16 & March 30
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Winnepeg, Ontario, Canada
Australia and New Zealand
Düsseldorf, Germany
Brondby, Denmark
Latin America
If you can’t make it to the protests in March, stay tuned for Occupy Monsanto, September 17, 2012.
It is time for consumers to take a stand, to make their voices be heard, not in the streets, but at the gates of evil. On Friday March 16th and 17th, consumers will go to the Monsanto location nearest to them and let their voices be heard. Make it hard for the employees of the monster trying to control our food to get to work, pay the migrant and student workers they exploit to turn away from work for a day shutting down the machine’s source of cheap labor. We can act, we can control, tell them we are here and we know where the monster lives.
This reporter will be back in the thick of things as a ‘Lois Lane with a penis’ (LLWAP) in LA, thanks in a large part due to John*, my tennis playing friend who was part of the NY to DC march, and who I met at Occupy LA. Bring your camera, a sign, any seeds you wish to share that are for sure non-GMOs, and a pen to sign the petition to label all GMOs. We want to be there when most people will be passing by which will be at lunchtime and after work. This is a public event related to the worldwide day of protest against Monsanto. Please invite your friends to 3440 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA Friday 12:00pm until 6:00pm. Here’s the 411 on the parking situation at 3440 Wilshire Blvd. - You should be able to find a parking spot on the street within one or two blocks. There is a parking lot behind the building but it is expensive. The Metro Purple Line Wilshire/Normandie station is less than a block away. See you there.
So why are companies like Monsanto allowed to profit from their control of the food supply while the rest of us (99%) have to struggle for affordable, healthy food?
Companies like Monsanto have enormous economic and political power. Their campaign contributions determine the outcome of elections. Their lobbyists write our laws (see the upcoming story, A Smart ALEC Worse Than Baldwin). In the words of an Official Statement of the Occupy Wall St. Movement:
• “(Monsanto) has poisoned the food supply through negligence and undermined the farming system through monopolization.”
• “(Monsanto) has profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.”
• “(Monsanto) has continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.”
• “(Monsanto) has deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.”
• “(Monsanto) has donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.”
As workers, consumers and voters, we have had very little influence. It’s time to turn this around! The Occupy Wall St. call to action puts it this way, the task is “ending the influence money has over our representatives in Washington. It’s time for Democracy Not Corpocracy, we’re doomed without it.” We support Occupy Wall St. and the Occupy Together movement because: When we get money out of politics, we’ll get Monsanto out of agriculture!
• When corporations can’t buy politicians, stores won’t sell government-subsidized junk food.
• When health matters more than the bottom line, our food won’t be laced with Monsanto’s allergens, toxins and carcinogens.
• When sustainability trumps profits, we’ll replace polluting factory farms with
Carbon-sequestering, green organic farms.
• When justice is more important than stock prices, farm workers and family farmers will all make a good living.
The Anti-Monsanto Project needs all of the help it can get from you the people, spread the word, get involved and educated by joining here:
Here are some reasons Monsanto is bad:


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