Sunday, March 18, 2012


         Temecula, CA – Stories break when they break and even a ‘Lois Lane with a penis’ can’t be on top of every story. While I was participating in this weekend’s Occupy/No GMOs event, the news of Jason Russell’s alleged mental breakdown reached me in a debate over the film’s propaganda pitch to help NATO/USA forces encroach the area for American economic control. While we may all be radicals, we found out in Occupy camp that we still see things differently from each other’s POV. So when this disturbing news reached me, my first reaction was to defend my friend and the cause for which he has poured out his life for. Hang in there, Jason, for this too shall pass.
         The official story is mental stress from the negative blowback caused by the short film KONY 2012. This story is believable because when you are unknown from the general masses, you can pretty much say your opinion to anyone and people who agree, will; others will ignore you. When you become ‘huge’ and well-known, every action, every word, every opinion of yours suddenly becomes the property of everyone. In this light the focus leaves what you say, feel, and care about, shifting entirely to and on you, the individual. When you are in the spotlight, the pressure is intense and suddenly very personal.
        However, for this ‘mental breakdown’ to occur when it did suggests two possible avenues which will NOT be found in any of the ‘usual suspect’ accounts regarding this episode of behavior. The end result of both is what Jason is suffering through, which is public ridicule as a person rather than more scrutiny of Kony. Just remember this Jason; they talked about Jesus Christ, are you any better than he is? A wise older man once departed those words to me when an idea of mine was derailed by detractors who waited a year before enacting the very suggestion I proposed. The reason for this was to avoid paying me a handsome sum for the suggestion.
        Diverting attention away from the idea/cause to focus on the initiator is a tried and true way to defuse an issue. This tactic is used in politics all the time and by the 0ne Percent when they get caught with their hands in a cookie jar, i.e. rape of a hotel maid. However, Jason Russell is no hotel maid, politician, or newcomer to the spotlight, so how did this event unfold and what was the spark of ignition? As I said before, IMHO this mental breakdown was brought about by one of two actions.
        The first action is what I call ‘The Winning’. This designation is in reference to Charlie Sheen. About a year before Charlie ‘fell apart’ on Two and A Half Men to become a laughing stock in the biz, he was making the talk show rounds involved in calling for a new investigation about 911. People were taking him seriously until the story of him boozing and coking it up with skanks (i.e. hookers) in some hotel broke. I wondered if someone slipped him a ‘goofball’ to get him started down the coke line. Once you’re spun and some wench (or two) starts handling your package with one hand while teasing you with her tongue in your ear, you could be the Lone Ranger but still your silver bullets are going to get melted down.
        The second and for me the more (Sherlock Holmes style of what’s logical) likely deduction is that Jason Russell was hexed by Joseph Kony after all the attention about him hit the fan. For the real-life drama illustrating this phenomenon, please either read the New Testament or watch the movie The Rainbow and The Serpent. Both sources depict the results of such entanglements. As stated here previously, conversations with Jason and Bobby (I believe) point up the fact that Kony is no ordinary or typical warlord type despot. If there ever was a man possessed of the devil, it is Kony. Spiritual warfare is the scariest of all because there is no defense against it that you can mount unless you too are such a warrior. A more recent movie showing this style of dilemma is Drag Me To Hell, a film illustrating that it matters not your innocence or motive. It also matters not if you are a Christian, except in nomenclature. Evil and its followers are no respecter of titles, as only knowing how to either protect or cast off the hex is valid.
        The prognosis here is twofold. Use the Bible’s words to cast out the demon/spell and ignore your critiques. I once saw an actor say that they never read their reviews. At the time I thought what an odd thing to do, not to want to see any feedback from something you took part in. Then I started to write in the public forum. That’s when I learned that if there is a reaction to something you did artistically/politically, that is the end result desired. Otherwise, let God judge your actions and fuck the rest. In current terms, “any press is good press as long as they spell your name right.”

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