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Temecula, CA – Though the forecast calls for rain and it is the second of 3 Friday the thirteenths this year, a packed house is expected as Temecula welcomes back its next most popular black man after Chuck Washington, AFROMAN. Appearing back at the Tilted Kilt Friday after the sold-out December Christmas show, see recent archives, with A-Man will be DEVOCEAN, LOOSE NUTTS, ILLNOISE, INDICA ROOTS, and C-WAY. With the current wave of shooting homicides, many of them racially motivated, it’s a relief to attend an event based on music rather than madness, reefer rather than racism, and poetry rather than polarizing punditry. AFROMAN, the Grammy nominated homie is back! Roll up the good times and let the good times roll.
Some readers may have noticed that the number of music preview articles has dwindled. The reason for that is with Ivan Promotions working the younger demo music scene and bringing in artists that draw, like AFROMAN, over the years now, the lines for promotion are set. In most cases there is no need to herald a show. A few dropped hints here and there that AFROMAN was returning soon sufficed. And why not?

AFROMAN is a surprise the first time you see him perform live. You don’t expect him to be that good, but he is. As a performer who almost started at the top, AFROMAN is now an independent artist in the truest sense. There is no middleman between you and the artist. This is a reality that shows in the stage performance and sincerity of the man who is a cross between a honky-tonk preacher* and a barbershop hustler: strutting, ‘talking shit’, and ‘cracking wise’, all done for an audience.

And the audience here in T-town loves AFROMAN. In a reverse photo scenario to Invisible Children’s Gulu village shot, the Christmas Kilt show had happy patrons lined up to take a picture with AFROMAN like he was a black Santa Claus. That isn’t a stretch because Joseph Foreman, aka AFROMAN is a jolly type of person who makes lemonade out of life’s lemons, starting with how he got into music in the first place.

Busted by a teacher at fifteen and expelled for wearing his pants ‘saggy’, a style he saw and liked from the Mexican lowrider scene, Foreman cut a mix tape about the teacher and sold 400 copies of it. “Everyone was buying it, even other teachers,” said AFROMAN at the post-show interview conducted by several fans [including moi]. The entire interview can be heard here and came after The Edge show, AFROMAN’s first visit to T-Town (photo below).
After the high school fame stopped and a sports injury quelled a future college ride, Foreman tried a bit of ‘thug life’ but a short stint ‘on vacation’, cough, jail, got him refocused back on his artistry at rhyming a story. Reflecting on how marijuana had affected his life personally led to the recording of Because I Got High, the future break-out hit featured in the soundtrack of Kevin Smith’s stoner comedy, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. From that lofty perch Foreman’s roller coaster ride plunged into the abyss that stalled CCR, label malfunction.

Undaunted Foreman, now AFROMAN, struck out on his own, hopping aboard the new artist independence found through the internet. It is through the internet and his genuinely humble appeal as a real person on stage that makes AFROMAN an urban legend instead of a myth. Be here for the show review.  

( *- Joseph Foreman is a professed Christian)

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