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Temecula, CA – Well Sports Fans, the story of tomorrow’s planned Occupy May 1st Event has now been released on the web mainstream media and the resulting comment firestorm is one that hasn’t been seen since, er, the Trayvon Martin killing. The comments against the Occupy Movement are ludicrous in their simplistic ideology and pop culture historical references, and almost enough to hope the 0ne Percent wins the depopulation effort that they are waging against the 99%, 98% of whom don’t even know that they are on the list. But like Martin Luther King who marched for all black people including the thugs or Jesus who died ‘for all’ even George Zimmerman, the Occupiers march for all the 99%. And of course, 98% don’t realize that they are slowly being poisoned by the people who take our tax money, however, that all is about to change on Wednesday. Why Wednesday?

On Wednesday at around 10AM, a dedicated group of petitioners, some paid but many purely volunteer, will turn in over 850,000 signatures and the press will be there, including moi, your favorite Lois Lane with a penis. What most of the naysayers from the peanut gallery crapping about Occupy fail to notice or understand about the Occupy Movement is that without Occupy, no one would have drawn attention to the crisis literally taking place in plain sight. The following video is fairly short and about the food fight of your life. Just today as I was out collecting signatures to stop the latest rate hike coming from our local 0ne Percent electric utility, So Cal Edison. The story about this hike and what to do about it follows when I return from the front. And now today’s video.

Now as you watch that video a second time, familiarize yourself (Google) with the secret government action known as Operation Paper Clip. Ask yourself if the government wisely spent your tax money in bringing all the war ‘mad scientists’ over here to America rather than trying them for crimes against humanity in creating hideous WMDs in the labs. As you saw in the video, those ‘lab rats’ provided the seeds for use today and their ‘sons’ have gone one step further, introducing such poisons into the general population of the country. Stop the video 1:34 in and read the name of the company on the official government document. Then stop to realize that your tax dollars paid the people who wrote it and acted on it. next look around at all the people who hate on Mexicans or Muslims, claiming that those groups will out breed ‘real’ Americans because of our low birth rate without seeking an answer to why we have a low birth rate. That’s the 98% that the 1%, the Occupy folks, are trying to wake up to the truth. In truth, the battle for future generations is being waged between the 0ne Percent who are following the Georgia Guildstones (see recent story here with photos and details about the stones) and the 1% known publicly as the 99%/Occupy Movement.

“We have already rung the bell and now it is on to victory in November,” quipped Ken, one of the central organizers of the Right2Know GMO labeling campaign in a meeting that I was privy to through my Occupy campmate, John Diaz. Had it not been for Occupy LA, I would not know John though I had read of the GMO march in an obscure magazine article I happened across searching for a different topic. Outside the United States, in Europe and in Asia, the GMO march was big news and carried in all the mainstream media.

“The US is a bully and is pushing GMOs but we have started a fire that is spreading around the world.” We have to ‘stop such a huge danger’ to ‘future generations’ from the ‘USA which is the belly of the beast’, said Jeffrey, a spokesman for the Institute For Responsible Technology. “Children are the most at risk, and everyone has a right to know what is in their food. Now we have to get ready for the disinformation that Monsanto is going to start, probably by saying that ‘we’ don’t know what we are talking about because they are the scientists and we are not, will be the main argument,” said another member of the inner circle of food fighters.

A film is being produced that will have scientists, pet owners [GMOs in Pets], and even farmers who will speak on what happens when cows eat GMO cotton seeds, hint, not a pretty sight. More on this developing story to follow, but meanwhile look for the organic label, the no GMO seal, and keep it posted right here for what you won’t hear anywhere else until after it’s posted in the Calendar.

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