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Temecula, CA – There is an upside and a downside to being ‘a voice in the desert’. The upside is that sooner or later you attract an audience. The downside is that the audience you attract validates the point you were trying to make, a point you hoped you were wrong about. When I first started to add political stories to the music show reviews, I wrote about hemp, not knowing how big the medical marijuana field would become. I wrote about the downturn before the ‘Great Recession’, political corruption before the term ‘oligarchy’ gained widespread use, and CODEX before the Label GMOs campaign marched a step. Now another past story gets validation from a second witness; this time, a print source, a very conservative print source at that.

Years ago I posted a report about Agenda 21, a UN plan that is a part of the Georgia Guidestones project though I didn’t know about the Guidestones at the time. A21 is the utopian arm ideal that brings in the local people who are the eyes and ears for the whole at the top, not too unlike the central plot in Invasion of The Bodysnatchers. If society breaks down, the New World Order, now called the 0ne Percent, must have their cronies in their fiefdom. In olden days these people would have been called ‘over-seers’.

Dressed up today, many of these people walk and worship among us, like the bodysnatchers in the movie, the original – didn’t see the remake. Since these folks are stealthy, we must be stealthy also. On this side that means you have to find the Agenda 21 people in your midst. It is not that hard and the internet will help you because these people are arrogant and hide in plain sight. Go to your local newspaper website. In the search bar window, type in the words ‘Agenda 21’. The local news source should pop up any and all names who have attended these meetings put on for the local city government officials through press releases or statements. This is part of their PR program to appear benign and market to as many city government bureaucrats as possible. Make note of the local names.

As stated in my original report, Agenda 21 comes out of a United Nations committee. Codex also comes from the United Nations. Since the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ part of Ike’s speech was edited out prior to the speech being immortalized at the UN, the MIC exists on this side of the UN while the NWO exists on the other. Although it was no stretch to find people at Occupy LA who were familiar with the UN’s Agenda 21, it is heartwarming to see a conservative print magazine disclose the evil behind Agenda 21 [print copy, Military Press, Vol.36, #9, May 1, 2012, Commentary].

When and if you hear a candidate running and they mention Agenda 21, be aware of what this ‘agenda’ really concerns. Like the 0ne Percent, there is no ‘u’ in Agenda 21. Do not be fooled into thinking that there is.

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