Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Candidate Melissa Melendez Still Enjoying the Support of Pro-Illegal Alien Group

Southwest Riverside County- Weeks after she claims to have rejected the endorsement of SOMOS Republicans, Candidate Melissa Melendez is still enjoying the support of open borders group SOMOS Republicans.

Over a month ago, Candidate Paule called for Melendez to publicly deny the endorsement of SOMOS Republicans and defend conservative principles with no response from Melendez. While Candidate Melendez claims to have rejected their endorsement, she is still receiving publicity from the group on their website and she has provided no solid proof that she has even contacted the group to renounce their endorsement.

"I and the conservatives in Southwest Riverside County would like to see a copy of the letter or email in which you claim to have rejected them," stated Paule.

Phil Paule is dedicated to providing the citizens of Southwest Riverside County with true conservative leadership and will fight against welfare for illegal aliens in Sacramento. Paule has been endorsed by Congressman Darrell Issa and Former California Senator Ray Haynes.

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