Friday, May 18, 2012



Temecula, CA – Tonight’s news has a little something on the human interest side and something for the hipster/geek music crowd that might be the next big thing for Temecula; an app to showcase your scene/club/casino/water park to the owners of ‘smart phones’. It’s the coming thing, well, actually it’s here. I had friends who were trying to bust into the app market before it blew up and that was at least two years ago. 

But first the nuptials. Best Wishes to Mr. & Mrs. James Messina as of May 19th sometime in the afternoon. James, for readers who don’t know the back story of The Vault, is the current owner of Temecula Sounds, which houses The Vault all-ages music venue.

Below is the Calendar’s file photo, and I think the smile says it all.

Speaking of The Vault, Ivan Promotions has developed an app to promote The Vault and all the shows happening there for Iphone and other ‘smart phone’ style communication users. The app program is available for use with other business venues through Ivan Promotions. But have a heart, this is a big weekend for the Vault/music school staff, so please no calls or emails before Monday. Thank you kindly.

PS: It's back! Click the picture to see how big his smile really gets. The Calendar says Congratulations!

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