Thursday, June 21, 2012


Temecula, CA – While most of us were enjoying a pleasant Father’s Day, a young 22-year old quietly slipped away from this world to the next, due to heroin, whose use is on the rise among young people. The reported cause of this illegal drug increase is the rise in use of prescription pain medications that are derived from opiates. Heroin is an opiate and legally used morphine comes from the same source, poppies from Myanmar or Afghanistan.

Opiates do 3 things. They desensitize the nervous system and turn up the libido. In short, the pain goes away and you feel sexy. You detach from the physical world of being and a floaty feeling ensues. This comes about because opiates are extreme muscle relaxers. The danger from opiates is for this reason since your heart is a big muscle. Too much relaxation and your heart just stops like a clock. Your body slips down and your spirit watches it happen. You have now separated from the mortal coil of life. If it is your time, then you are dead, if not, you return to your body aware that you dodged a silver bullet.

Some people fall through the cracks when they use heroin. An aunt of mine who shot ‘dope’ aka morphine, ‘nodded off’ [an extended brain fart] and caught herself on fire with her cigarette. A majority of drug users also smoke cigarettes (the real gateway). Not feeling any pain can work against you when your cigarette burns down and you don’t react to it. My aunt became disfigured like ‘Two-Face’ [Batman] only not as grotesque. She would wear a scarf always after that showing only her beautiful facial side. Roughly five years later she OD’d and I will always wonder if it was accidental, for she was never the same after the burn.

Some people are lucky. A friend of mine years ago was at a party of young hipster people and someone passed him some heroin probably to snort. He was told what it was. I have to assume that he wasn’t born under a rock since he came from a middle class family. He was at the crossroads and he made a choice. He said to himself, ‘WTF’. However before he could use the drug some passing individual smacked the ‘H’ from his hand and said, “You don’t need to do that shit.” He never even saw who it was. When he related the story to me I told him that his guardian angel had saved him.

While I don’t know the particular circumstances about the 22 year old girl’s passing, I posted a story about a 20 year old who OD’d called Hillbilly Heroin a couple of years ago (see Archives). The story came direct from the girl’s mother, a friend of mine. Gently searching the story through the grief, it came to light that although mom had had her ‘party days’ she and her husband never sat down to have ‘the talk’ about drugs. That talk would include what drugs to do and not do, past experiences, and a brush up via feedback on what the locals are currently up to.

It is shocking whenever a talented artist dies of some sort of drug overdose but it hurts when it happens to someone so young as 20 or 22. So much promise. Many times those closest will feel blame or guilt but at least half the fault lies with a system that promotes a pill for everything, sanctions personal products that kill or maim [cigarettes – ‘grandfathered in’ George W. Bush], and has performed secret experiments of its own population (and others) under every president except JFK, all on your dime.

RIP, the valley’s latest victim, caught up and taken so young. Enjoy your time off, root for the good people that you knew her in this valley, and know that you are sincerely missed by more folks than you know. Ciao, ciao, till we see you again.

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