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Temecula, CA – Residing in the now 8th largest economy in the world, down from the Gray Davis rank of 5th (see old achieve stories), you see the results of the slide in the decreased traffic on the freeway. Being an election year some people want to pin the economic slide on California’s strict regulations and various taxes/fees. In reality the slide is political because it is tied to the crash caused by Wall Street. California has always been seen as a ‘cash cow’ by outside interests. Obama came to Hollywood and some in California reacted.

After posting a 27% profit in 2010**, Edison International [So Cal Edison] wants a new rate increase. Californians pay 70% more for energy than any other state and still have never been repaid the 4.6 Billion from the so-called ‘energy crisis’ of 2001. Perhaps Jeff Stone was correct to call for a succession, for those outside the state are killing California. First a look at some ‘unseen’ stories in the last 30-60 days or so, then YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Best Buy announced the locations of the remaining 42 stores slated for closure as part of the electronic retailer’s plan to cut costs. The company announced plans to shut down 50 stores following a $1.7 billion loss for its fourth quarter ended March 3.  The company shut down the first two locations — a store in Kansas City, Mo., and another in Scottsdale, Ariz., in February. Later this year, five stores in the Twin Cities area and one in San Antonio will also shut their doors. Seven stores in California got the bad news with the closest one to T-town being MoVal’s Best Buy.
The company said it anticipates the majority of the stores will close permanently by May 12 and by the summer. However, Best Buy Mobile stores will continue to remain open. With the closures, Best Buy says it plans on focusing on increasing “points of presence, while decreasing overall square footage, for increased flexibility — including key store remodels with a new Connected Store format, while continuing to build out the successful Best Buy Mobile small format stores throughout the U.S.”

From the financial to the health side, Californians are getting hit and many don’t even know it, thanks to the media downplay. Locally less than 25 miles away the nation’s worse nuclear plant, San Onofre, has been the target of mass demonstrations by various protest groups but the feds/regulators appear in the news rather than the real story [OC Register, local section, 4/30].
Another display of radioactivity ignored by the people who take our tax money and side with those in industry they are supposed to watch is LA’s recent strange rainfall. The government turned off all its monitoring sites by not everyone is under the federal veil of victimization.

A little farther north we get this story that is the blowback to Man’s interference with the planet’s ecostructure. In one of the most bizarre weather effects ever, San Francisco experienced the most amazing night of lightning strikes, captured in the following pictures. Luckily no one was hit by the array of bolts hitting the ground as if a stunt for the next Avengers blockbuster.
And now a revisit to a subject that is close to my heart as a parent and as a reporter – autism. The Calendar, then the Review, first did an investigative series on the disease after the first Art For Autism benefit show put on by Ivan Promotions. The conclusion of that investigation which interviewed actual moms rather than male ‘experts’ with industry ties, ended with a two part video showing collusion with Big Pharma and knowledge of the vaccination tie-in to the spike in cases diagnosed. The autism series ended with links and suggestions of how to get around the system. My last wife and I got our kids around the system after they exhibited signs from vac reaction. Here then is the latest study validating the Calendar’s findings as well as information on many other questions about vaccinations, including pet vaccinations. You will be surprised.
And finally a look at the total health picture of the country, and California. The reality of the Occupy Movement and camps like LA’s city hall site illustrated contrasting world views. In one, people are aware of ‘chem-trails’ overhead, dictatorial executive orders, due process eliminations, the Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 21, off-shoring jobs, agency capture, and GMOs. In the other view, the economy is coming back, check out the latest boffo box office blockbuster this summer, everything is fine, nothing to see here except for those lazy hippies in the park protesting when they should get jobs, move along folks.
However what many ‘talking heads’ still fail to see is that the ‘Occupy’ thing has started the whole ‘the emperor wears no clothes’ reveal. Other causes are cross marketing as joint concerns affect people across all social strata, even the 0ne Percent and most definitely the 2-10%. As more and more ‘middle class’ people come to realize that the populace has been slowly poisoned to provide a cash revenue for Big Pharma, not through products like cigarettes, but unseen through additives approved by people paid through tax payer/federal government funding. A story posted just yesterday online gives credence to the evil now found everywhere.
‘In a recent decision to permit continued use of a chemical in food packaging that research has been tied to cancer, diabetes, miscarriages and developmental delays [autism?] in children, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has favored two industry-funded studies over more than 1,000 independent analyses finding the chemical poses serious risks to human health.
The FDA’s decision on bisphenol A was not an isolated, or even unusual, call. For more than 30 years, U.S. regulatory agencies have relied on an arcane rule for approving chemicals used in everything from food packaging and drugs to pesticides and electronics, one that favors industry-funded reports over independent academic research.
That process exalts studies that follow design standards known as “Good Laboratory Practice,” and discounts research that may be confirmed through peer review, but do not follow the GLP protocols. Favoring GLP has given a green light to hundreds of chemicals and products from nicotine to atrazine linked to human disease and chronic health conditions.
Critics contend that the protocols, defended by the chemical industry, have become an arbitrary barrier, shutting out important independent research. In the case of BPA, a common chemical used in food packaging, adherence to the protocol largely overrode studies linking BPA to breast cancer, prostate abnormalities, low sperm count, developmental disorders, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.'

Breast cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and the newest poster child, autism, are all huge capital generators for everyone involved beyond the volunteer level.
Even the May issue of Healthy Times/Temecula Valley ran a front page article by Mike Adams titled ‘What’s Really In Your Food?’ He says ‘if you want to stay healthy and out of the hospital, read ingredients labels and …avoid all these ingredients.’ He then lists the usual suspects and includes BPA, a chemical compound that ‘feminizes’ males among other things. For more on this story, check here and here for more what your California tax dollars are getting in return. And coming soon, engineered salmon but don’t expect your tax dollars to have any voice.

(*- Killing California, Title and title track to 2009 Strike Twelve CD- Ed; ** - LA Times, 10/30/10)

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