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Temecula, CA – You might think that with such a rocking weekend as was had last week (see last story) that I’d want to return to the crime of the scene, aka The Vault and the BMBCO watering hole. With the return of DI, another celebrated old school punk band to the Vault for an encore performance, I could chill and coast through the weekend. I think most folks my age would spend the day on the porch receiving guests on their birthday weekend also and it is my birthday on Friday. But not me. For the revolution doesn’t sleep.

While people attend the usual music happenings in Old Towns around So Cali this weekend, the folks who care about what you put into your mouth, food-wise, are rallying to rock into the upcoming media/propaganda war against bio-tech giant, the GMO-Salmon folks at Monsanto, are rocking out to the southern Cali leg of The Human Revolution Yes On Labeling tour. I’ll be catching up to the party and my friend John Diaz, the tennis playing no-GMOs activist that I met at Occupy LA. John caught the band last night at The Mint on Pico in LA

Friday June 29th 9pm @
Grateful Fridays
Tickets are $11 before 10pm and $22 after.

Saturday June 30th @

Sunday July 1st Huntington Beach Fire Rings 3pm-9pm
Cost is FREE

The US and Canada stand out for not requiring such disclosure or protection even though polls show that 90% of Americans believe they have a right to know whether the food they eat contains GMOs. Is there a point where corruption becomes treason?
In the US Farm Bill, which was voted on last week, Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) added an amendment which would give states the authority to require clear labels on any food or beverage containing GMOs. It was voted down 73-26. "It was opposed by virtually every major food corporation in the country," says Sanders.  Find out how your Senators voted at the end of this report.
In the past year, 36 GMO labeling bills have been introduced in Vermont, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington and West Virginia.
It came close to passing in Vermont and Connecticut, but the legislature backed off when Monsanto threatened to sue them on the basis that states don't have the right to make that decision. The failed Farm Bill amendment would have clarified that. Food labels are already required to list more than 3,000 ingredients ranging from high-fructose corn syrup to transfats.
The blatant agency capture [plutocracy] of the country by trans-national corporations is a cornerstone protest of the American Occupy Movement. The Right2Know Movement is coming from the ‘citizen’s right to know’ and health/children’s safety sector of society. Same money trail but different signposts is all.
A referendum to label GMOs in California will be on the November ballot and there's a move to get a referendum on Oregon's ballot. It's already getting pushback from industry:
A corporate front group, the American Council on Science and Health, issued a release this week claiming that mandatory GMO labeling is "wholly unnecessary, from either an environmental or a health perspective." Not only have extensive assessments found GM crops to be safe, they say, but labeling would drive up the price of food, while stirring up unjustified fear and confusion among the general public. Kraft, Monsanto, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are major funder$.
Meanwhile, India's government will require products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to carry a "GM" tag as of January, 2013, reports the Times of India bringing the total number of countries to 51.
  Is your Senator bought and paid for by the Food Industry? The Nays are.

(All emphasis - Ed)

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