Monday, June 11, 2012



Temecula, CA – "Reality is stranger than fiction..because fiction has to make sense" – Mark Twain. In the ‘golden age’ of comics, there were 3 super villains*, Lex Luthor [Superman], Mister Mind [Capt. Marvel Adventures], and Dr. Sivana [Whiz Comics/Capt. Marvel]. Disregarding money and fame, these three were after the power to control, well, everything, and in the case of the good doctor, he wanted to be ‘ruler of the universe.’ The goals of these super villains represent globalization and the 0ne Percent plans for the world aren’t any nicer, just less cartoony and more sinister.

The Temecula Calendar is proud to present our second full length feature for your edification. If you had any questions about why thousands of people worldwide ‘occupied’ and continue to stage Occupy events, why other student protests are happening (eh!) on a daily basis, and why Occupy wasn’t an Arab Spring continuation as the media and talking heads tried to insinuate, see this film! The following movie explains the core belief and mindset of 99% of the people in the Occupy camps. If you see no other political documentary this year, see this one and catch up with the other one percent. That’s the one percent trying to save your ass when you don’t even realize that you are in jeopardy. At a little over two hours, make a plan to watch this film with someone that you are close to, be it a wife, an SO, your mom, dad, or best friend, and pop some corn, y’all.

(Thanks Jacob, film tip source; *- The Joker doesn’t count because he was never into ‘world domination’, he just had a hard-on for the Batman - Ed)

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