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Temecula, CA – The underground music scene delivers its rarest flower when a gifted prophet performs live and you get to be part of the entourage, but you know it is really special when homies also cross your path on the same bill, all at the beach.
On Sunday, July 1st, the Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps ALL-ONE! Yes On Labeling 2012 Tour stopped at Huntington Beach for the final So Cali show before returning to the Nor Cal home province of Mendocino County. Though some high quality time was spent with the traveling troupe of very engaging entertainers at the after party, the bulk of the report will deal with the singing human prophet who headlined.

There is a saying, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Let’s analyze that. A call goes forth, like a sound, and the ones who respond are chosen. The reason that The Human Revolution was chosen to be sponsored for the Yes On Labeling 2012 Tour is twofold. The first is what Berry Gordy would say, “It’s in the groove”.

My music collection now includes four CDs by Human. DJ Catter, who I now share my debut listening sessions with, stands in awe as I over the range of music styles used by this ever-evolving socially aware artist/group. World music, reggae, club, OG soul/R&B, rap/urban dance, Mystic Americana (folk rock), flamingo, and Occupy Rock are all found in the vast repertoire. The well-written songs provide many a memorable hook showing a ‘natural’ songwriter talent which pleases my ‘it’s got a good beat, I give it a 95’ DJ friend.

While I appreciate a good song as well as the next music reviewer, my writer side has to ask the question, ‘is the song saying something worthwhile?’ the answer to this question draws back to the question of being ‘chosen’. As reported here, most of the people interviewed by the Calendar at Occupy Los Angeles felt they responded to a call from society at large, hence the non-cohesiveness of the movement and the variety of causes, all stemming from the evils of Capitalism. This non-Biblical event had a strange ‘Revelation gathering’ feel to it none-the-less and continues even as I type this.

In listening to the words of the songs written by Human you hear the very sentiments expressed by Occupy, however the difference is Human, like other underground music prophets brought forth by the pillaging from the Bush Administration, proclaimed the message before the movement coalesced. Of all these modern secular prophets, Human is the most genuine of the artists I’ve met. Living in the wilds and partaking with indigenous peoples their shaman rituals to clear the mind of veils/baggage, Human is a mix of John the Baptist who gave JC a ration of u-no-what for partying/feasting with sinners and Jonah [without the reluctance] who was swallowed by the enormous whale. 

The Jonah reference is reflective of Human’s trying to warn Nineveh, the masses, with the whale being Monsanto, a whale of a bio-tech industry trying to shallow Human’s message of repentant awareness. However, in 2005, Human helped lead Mendocino Country to become the first in the nation to ban the growth of GMOs within their boundaries. Winning against Crop Life America and their manipulative propaganda was no small task and garnered the attention (assumingly) of 150 year old natural soap manufacturer Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap All-One. Taking part in the Right 2 Know March from Brooklyn, NY to Washington, D.C. probably solidified the choice for headliner for the tour. Music show runner John Diaz was a walker in that march before Occupy and our fateful meetup.

I first caught up with Human and the Human Revolution up in Santa Monica earlier this year (see Archives) and was impressed both by the variety of music made and the talent level of the supporting cast onstage with him. He seemed as ‘chosen’ as any of us in the various Occupy campsites that I met, certainly as intelligent, well-versed, and forthright, so just as chosen (IMHO) to bring awareness of a cause that demands notice for the betterment of man.

That cause is to get out the vote for the labeling of GMOs in all food products through an initiative on the November ballot. Though 90% of the people polled believe in labeling GMOs
and 36, yup-yup, thirty-six individual bills have been introduced this year to label GMOs, all thirty-six have been squelched in committee because of the monetary muscle of Monsanto and the food lobby. The tour stop at Huntington Beach, recently voted as #3 on a list of the country’s best beaches, was the kickoff and reward toward the next step in the coming battle for November victory.

Joining Human, bass player [Sam], drummer [Skijah Indigo], and [acoustic wind] keyboards [Nigel] were a husband/wife filmmaker team, Band Aid #1 [Josh the bus driver]
, and road mgr. Rich Child, no pun intended. Also under the clear blue non-chem-trailed skies were Travis Bartosh, banjo balladeer, and Dave & The Cousins. Having met Travis two days before and already familiar with Human & tribe, I set about introducing myself to Dave and his 3 very attractive cousins. Dave’s face looked familiar and that was explained when he remarked that they all lived in Temecula. “We play the wineries a lot [as David Cho].”

I don’t know if the ballot measure will pass or get hung up on some technicality. The outcome could determine a difference measured either in billions of dollars or billions of people. With stakes this high no outcome is assured; we are at Def Con 2 and Human with his Revolution of fantastically arty band mates have been chosen to wake up the masses like a modern Jonah with a brand of ‘mystic Americana’ not heard since the days of The Undisputed Truth and Rare Earth. Are you listening Berry Gordy? For the rest of you go here.
Coming Soon – Behind The Curtain/DJ Catter

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