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Temecula, CA – Today as the generations that have become bi-polar thanks to modern science (see MSN heath, “cause of all modern ailments tied to environmental pollution, i.e. food additives, air, water pollution, etc.), there is a possible silver lining for cities that pay attention and structure their business direction in a symbiotic fashion to make a few extra bucks for the budget. Following is Miss Cook’s first feature for the Calendar where a window of opportunity is pointed up. Knowing many BP peeps who suffer from either type1 or type 2 and are insomniacs, the following report sums up the feelings of this new generation of sleep-challenged man-made zombies.
As a creature who sometimes stalks the night like a Batman, I feel society should embrace the subculture they knowingly or unknowingly created. After all, the business of America is business.

Hemet, CA - Is it just the freaks that come out at night needing a place to go?

Don’t listen to the old adage that no one is your friend after 2 a.m. That is just not true. Denny’s, Wal-Mart, and Alberto’s are always open when you need them. Now doesn’t that sound like good business?

The southwest and central Riverside County region isn’t known for being an area that never sleeps like Las Vegas or New York, but there are casinos, adult novelty stores, 24-Hour Fitness gyms, and many other businesses that cater to the all-nighters and those with irregular hours. Some others offer their services until one, two, and even four in the morning.

There is something nice about doing laundry when no one else is there to take the good dryers. Traveling down the streets can seem safe without all the traffic. Try to use the buddy system though in case you run into one of those unfriendly freaks, who may be high on something other than cough syrup. Nor is everyone on drugs. There can be some really good friends made during this time.

The wee hours of the morning are set aside for deep conversations with loved ones over coffee, pie, a milk shake, crazy-loaded fries, drinks like Red Bull and vodka or other foods for a time when you can eat anything because technically you aren’t grubbing down on a conventional breakfast, lunch or dinner schedule. 

The southwest and central Riverside County areas could use more 24-hour friendly public policies with some kind of business incentives. I vie for an economic stimulus program that gives employers the extra boost to stay open longer and cater to the insomniacs, who many are law-abiding citizens with sufficient funds to continue their consuming. Some people are conflicted by having to live around typical hours of operation. There are many people still with money to spend.

The economy never sleeps. It makes the world go round at all hours of the night. More people should take advantage of every hour in the day when they can. Hey, maybe it could create more jobs. There may not be enough jobs for people during waking hours. Employers should create new positions for people to fill on the graveyard shift, but call it something more positive like “the hours of great awakening.”

It is as good a time as any to be awake in America when most people are in an unconscious state trying to dream. – Ashley Cook

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