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Temecula, CA – First let say that what happened in Colorado at the Premiere of The Dark Knight Rises was bullshit and totality tragic. Everyone here at the Calendar is shocked and saddened by this latest senseless public shooting of people trying to enjoy themselves at a special event. It is like evil is trying to rain on every parade and for many people including myself, there is no logical sense to it. Trayvon Martin’s shooting was tragic but in the context of having police connections, traditional racism, and a ‘wanna be’ mind frame, it all made sense. I do hope Zimmerman gets justice. But this act was senseless beyond reason. Like the Norway shooter on trial now, the suspect with Vicodin in his system calmly walked along shooting people like he was varmint hunting.

Also like the Norway killer, James Holmes surrendered and so we may have some closure from finding out what his motive was for the rampage. I read some kneejerk reaction from some Texas politician who asked the question, “Didn’t anyone else in the theater have a gun?”

Well, reading the unfolding back story suggests that even if everyone at the theater was packing as much heat as Biggie’s bodyguards, it would have been to no avail. Holmes was protected head to toe. Nothing outside a .357 or an elephant gun would have caught Holmes attention. This guy is smart; twisted like his mentor The Joker, a fictional character Holmes seemed to fixate on.

Another creepy thing is that in the comic book series from which the movie title comes from, there is a theater shooting at a Batman porn theater that leaves 3 people dead. Perhaps the most puzzling thing to me though is the story about the young aspiring female sports writer, Jessica Ghawi 'Redfield'.

Reading her back story, I was moved by the ‘warning/feeling’ she got that tipped her to leave the Toronto Mall food court almost seconds before a gunman started shooting there, killing some people there maybe a little over a month ago. For me I couldn’t get past the writer being warned about one life-threatening event but not the other only 30 days later.

I discussed this with my close friend who also saw the movie The Adjustment Bureau. The short story called ‘Adjustment Team’ by Philip K. Dick from which the film derives asks the question do we control our fate, or do unseen forces manipulate us? Matt Damon stars in the thriller. Talking to my friend I noted that an angel comes to Mary and specifically request that the expectant mother name her forthcoming son Jesus. Was Mary going to name him Thomas or Herschel or something? 

My friend said that probably her family took a moment to reflect on their daughter’s strange close call. That extra month provided that moment to stop and appreciate her.

I thanked my friend but his explanation didn’t quite scratch that itch. I still could not make heads or tails from the month of extra life granted to this young promising writer. I mean after warning her out of harm’s way only a month earlier, WTF?

Magic is a funny thing. Many years ago I asked a witch how magic worked during my first actual writing position in the 80s. She said, “You put a desire out to the Universe and the Universe answers that desire.”
About an hour after I had talked to my friend, my ex-wife called; ‘the witch’ as my valley friends call her from my past tales of wonder. So I put the question to her that I had asked my philosophical friend to shed some light on. Almost without missing a beat she answered,

“Everyone has a time. Canada [Toronto] wasn’t her time but in the last 30 days that she was alive, she crossed the path of someone she needed to and that is why she was granted another 30 days.”

Having recently met a random young woman at the Huntington Beach Label GMO tour after party and delivered some answers to a question that she had formulated just two days prior, that answer made the most sense to me.

I will probably never know if my hypothesis is correct but from reading about the young writer killed in the theater with the eleven others, her life, her style, her promise, thanks be for the extra 30 days that she and the others enriched the planet by being here. Lord have mercy on the rest of us still here; to the victims, rest in peace; and to the survivors, the Lord grant you The Comforter.

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