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Temecula, CA – Going to music shows around town is a splendid way to keep up with friends I’ve made in the band scene. The ever-changing tapestry on which the scene is painted and listened to never fails to delight in the most uneXpected ways. Take for instance a weekend night not long ago. It was a 7-band night at The Vault but only two of the bands listed were familiar to me. One I had just recently seen at a Tilted Kilt show so the only old acquaintance of the night I hadn’t seen for awhile was Bloodtype G.

One of the valley’s premier Christian bands, BTG plays both in the Christian music realm and the secular world, moving crowds to a hearty style of prog rock/rap with uplifting lyrics. Usually you can tell the band is in the house by the presence of the biggest, coolest, massively lifted Evening Blue pickup truck with the landing lights in full array. As I strolled up to the Vault’s parking lot, I knew the band was in the house. 
Bloodtype G the band go back a long way in the scene. You see, Sports Fans, the music scene here is a crossroads for all genres and styles. From purely secular to just shy of a full-on choir, the many bands come in all shades. The Christian shade brought a trinity of well-received, extremely talented bands/entertainers to the forefront in T-town. That trinity would be Elizabeth Amirian [”Bipsy”], Souljourners, and Bloodtype G. In fact, Charles Cook [Prog C, lead guitar] sat with Keirah Robbins and me at Bipsy’s funeral. A song entitled ‘Battlecry’ on the initial CD release by BTG is dedicated to the beloved Bipsy.( Battlecry is the title of the posthumously released Bipsy CD.)

Since I run into Charles from time to time around town as he is the most socially known person in the band to me, we started to catch up as soon as I walked into the Vault’s door. It was great! But besides finding out that Elanna Brockenborough’s [vocals] brother David [Souljourners] was filling in on bass for BTG now, Charles had other big news about a new band sponsor, Synchbands

Dancing around to show the flexibility of his black tennis shoes, Charles was quick to point out that his shoes could demonstrate this action because he had replaced his shoe laces with elastic bands that resembled shoe laces only superficially. Blinking, I had to take a second look. Sure enough, what looked like ultra-cool, stylish hipster shoe laces were actually these colorful bands of elastic weave cinched through the eyelets.

“They turn your shoes into slip-ons, and they are really comfortable, especially onstage. We [the band] are all wearing them,” said Charles.

I turned and looked at the other band members’ feet as they finished their load-in. though they all had their stage face on, Hashemi [lead vox], who rarely smiles before a performance, Nicky G, who seems invisible except behind his drum kit onstage, Elanna, and David flashed a quick smile as if they knew Charles and I’s conversation. Standing by the rail for the exciting stage show from the band and seeing the group is now more into a rock mood with metal fringes than prog rap these days, the shoes and their cool look did seem to give their feet wings. Heavenly faith, Red Bulls, or the new sponsor? See Bloodtype G live and you make the call. 

 Though to paraphrase Monty Burns, “I really like the shoes.” It’s a good look.

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