Friday, July 20, 2012


Temecula, CA – Almost every super hero and super villain that I know of has a secret origin story. Of course in the comics you get to read how they came about. In real life the origin story is harder to guess at and usually a lot stranger. Take our current president; his health records are sealed, his school records are sealed, his social security number brings up a strange alias even though the number itself doesn’t exist, and his birth records are photo-shopped, like the plane nose that went through one of the twin towers on 911. For those wondering who could pull off such a deception look no farther than the man who ‘discovered’ Obama. That was Henry Kissinger; Tricky Dick’s aka Richard Nixon’s right hand man.

 However, one of the other scariest characters on TV had a much simpler beginning. For those wondering about Obama, well, you will have to keep on wondering, but for Alice, the cat lady character on The Simpsons, and her origins, the picture below should suffice. Issue #6 of The Free Speech Zone. Enjoy.

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