Monday, August 13, 2012



Temecula, CA - It is said that “history is written by the winners.” That is evident when you talk to a Muslim about history, even Bible history. If you are familiar with Moses and David in the Old Testament and discuss their view, which was formed some 600 years later when the prophet made the pagans embrace a ‘one God’ dogma, you see this phenomenon. It is this ‘forget where it comes from, let’s spin it like ours’ mindset that is evident in the new show HuffPost Live format ripped from the pages of Occupy’s citizen journalism format. How do I know? I read many a comment and up to date news report about Occupy that way. Now a female talking bear has used the same format for her own gain with nary a nod to where it came from. Oh Arianna!

One of the first shows featured John Cusack talking politics. Peace Out.

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