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Temecula, CA – Several days ago in a LLWAP story, I dropped a purple pill consisting of a gel cap filled with cannabis extract. Though I have eaten pot edibles before, with varying degrees of getting baked from them, kind of a crap shoot as they say, this was the first time ingesting a pill containing liquid pot. In a way I wish my cousin Abby was still alive for we had several great debates over pot (ingestion) and Genesis 1:29-30. The demagoguery against cannabis is the devil’s second greatest trick [see Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, available soon on Amazon].

Awakening and with no breakfast, I swallowed one of the purple pills I had been given from Ryan at 7:45 AM. The following is my report and conclusions.

7:45 – dropped 1 pill. No aftertaste.
7:55 – thought maybe that I could feel a slight sensation.
8:15 – definitely feeling something
8:30 – internally baked :), no equilibrium problems but feel stoned from the inside out, a clear-cut dome stone. No stomach reactions and morning dump ruled as routine, not a reaction from the pill. I must also say as a matter of common sense that no pot was smoked before this experiment was started.
8:40 – general zoning out, stomach growling for breakfast.
9:04 – lost track of time, a time hiccup, but side project research going well. No drowsiness or laziness experienced. Concentration improved similar to smoking old school ‘red bud’ Columbian. Since this is a solitary experiment and not done with any enhancements, no social interaction or amusement data was collected. ‘Gotta save something for the sequel, Rocky.’ Also retaining information so no short term memory loss and experiencing insight.
9:12 – thinking of smoking a bong rip but decided to do something else. Just a bit restless in my endeavors. Stone is more intense rather than all cerebral as with smoking and not like a vapor bake either. Nice plateau. Hunger comes and goes like a cloud across the sky.
10:00 – eating; food is sooo good; yummy! No ‘impaired’ movement in fixing breakfast, no spacing. Not the usual munchies hunger but a deep thoroughly enjoyment of the meal. Still baked like the Pillsbury dough boy.
10:33 – still buzzed. Did not get drowsy after the meal as I normally do. Buzz is upper, not a downer. Aches and pains are gone and no ‘cotton mouth’ experienced at any time. With food and duration of cannabis in system, a very mellow backside of the ingested Mary Jane is exposed. If I were playing music, this is the time I would put on jazz, and smile. Also the desirability of having a ‘lab partner’ to share this experiment with is noted.
11:07 – settling in for nap but changed mind when I remembered tea steeping in the kitchen. Tired of researching and now am starting to watch movie (My Cousin Vinny) to relax.
11:13 – still stoney and have not smoked any pot.
12:33 – nap.
1:07 – Too restless to sleep but too bored to stay awake
2:45 – smoked first bong rip of the day. Experiment ended. Duration 7 hours

At the turn of the century, two centuries ago, marijuana was ingested as an edible rather than smoked like a cigarette or inhaled like incense. The overall experience of dropping a purple pill of reported Blue Dream extract [DBS Boy source] is seen as a welcome alternative to getting stoned. The use of cannabis in this fashion would be a ‘miracle drug’ for the infirmed, the downhearted, and the bored, in short, this purple pill should replace the med cup for most seniors in Seniorville.
For people who are not in a retirement village, one of these pills could replace the much touted ‘5-hour energy drink’ with no side effects. Productivity and focus are improved without the spaciness or zoning off. The usual cotton mouth and sweet cravings (munchies) side effects from smoking pot did not occur. The duration of being baked but not overdone was excellent, in my opinion. Also there was no coughing or expectorant aspects noted.
The use of a non-cultural delivery system, a pill, is not expected to overtake the widely used combustion of cannabis through various methods such as joints, pipes, bongs, anytime soon as we seem to be programmed for hand-to-mouth smoking.  

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