Tuesday, September 25, 2012



 Temecula, CA – The gaffs of Mitt Romney will be legendary after the election. Already he is being compared favorably to George W. who holds the record for saying stupid things on the record. The difference here is GWB was President before we found out just how dense he really was. Plus ole George was savvy and knew how to handle a room. The portrait of Mitt emerging is a man who is clueless, and who is clueless that he is clueless. That reason and that reason alone is the single most reason why Mitt’s campaign is floundering and making all Republicans as a single group, look like cavemen. The latest bit of Mittwit is more than an “I can’t believe he said that” moment. Mitt is the face of the 0ne Percent.

The latest knee-jerking laugh comes from Mitt saying that he can’t believe planes don’t have roll down windows for safety purposes, commenting about the emergency landing his wife’s plane had to make. The entire statement was filled with a lack of common sense, common knowledge, and common understanding of how anything works. In truth, it was a ‘Mr. Bean’ comment said without the bug eyes and goofy look; this kernel of truth was issued straight-faced, with confidence that anyone in earshot would be sympathetic. It was another ‘how could they’ moment of Romney.

And that is the dangerous part to the Romney picture, the Agenda 21 part. Hearing that a small group of powerful/rich people believe the world would be better off with 90% less people shouldn’t surprise anyone. Plus it does sound like a paradise, just watch the Zeitgeist Addendum on Youtube and presented here quite a while back. The problem is the plan is evil, and is foretold in the Bible. So you might wonder how so many people, who profess to be Christian or Christianized, can be so mean-spirited; but ‘the love of many shall wane’ is foretold in the world that follows the Antichrist. The reason this deception is known to some and not others is discussed at length in Memoirs so it won’t be covered here.

Karmatically, if the opposition against President Obama wasn’t racially motivated then perhaps the Republicans could have mounted a more credible candidate. And Mitt, please take heart in John Wayne’s words of encouragement,
“Life's hard. It's even harder when you're stupid.”

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