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Temecula, CA – Apologizing up front for dropping the ‘F’ bomb in the subtitle, I can assure you that by the time you finish this report, my use of the word ‘fuck’ will be the last thing on your mind. Plus it is apropos.

Over the years here at the Calendar now and the Full Value Review before that, a picture of the world today as it really is, has been painted by the selection of subject matter and editorials presented. When you put all the clues together, after pulling them from all the fallout being generated by the clues, there is only one possible reason for the world being in the shape that it is in, especially when you consider all the ecological abandon waged on the world in the name of money. But is it really? What good does it do to gain the whole world and lose your soul? Make the jump and the answer to that question lies at the very bottom of the rabbit hole. Get ready to stare into the abyss, if you dare!

Let me say that if you don’t know Occupy, have not seen The Thrive Movement (presented on this website in its entirety), or watched the ‘Why’ video in the story US Draught Caused By Men …, the following may seem completely absurd. To those who haven’t the aforementioned credentials for believability, I say in my best Sheldon Leonard voice, "You will not apply my precept. How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” – Sherlock Holmes  

For those who have read my Occupy coverage or editorials, one central tenet is that corporate greed is making the planet inhabitable and unsustainable for humankind. Humankind includes 100% of people unless the 0ne Percent either build a space ark or a massive city underground. Both these illustrations have been used in sci-fi and ‘conspiracy theorists’ scenarios. However, both these scenarios involve planning by men and if you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m a believer in a supranatural world. 

The supranatural world is the world of Shakespeare, where things of metaphysics exist in the physical world and complex rationales are illustrated. This is the reality of the ‘All the world’s a stage’ analogy. The supranatural world puts ‘flesh’ on Satan and a plot point to ‘religion’. That first plot point would be where we as humans came into the picture.

In Genesis Adam and Eve are told to ‘replenish’ the earth. Replenish means to restock, as in the original or previous stock was depleted. The Bible doesn’t go into much back story detail and all science can tell us is that once there were tons of dinosaurs* who all died out rather suddenly. The conjecture is an asteroid hit the earth and the ensuing ‘nuclear winter’ froze them all out. Realistically, they don’t know why the dinosaurs died out except suddenly the earth changed and no longer was habitable for them. Clue #1

Mankind has been seduced into burning fossil fuels through ease of removal, and convenience of use. The world moves on the combustion engine and human powers have channeled such engines to burn toxins, with strides to reduce such use coming too little too late. Prohibition wasn’t just about people getting drunk; that was public propaganda. Prohibition was about killing the alcohol-fired engine which only exhausted clean water vapor. Clean water vapor after combustion. The control of currency directed us to this pollution. Control the currency, and you control the nation’s industrial direction. Clue #2.

The third clue comes to us straight from the Bible, out of Genesis chapter three. This is where the curse is put forth. Enmity is put between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman by God. We know what enmity means but the word of the day here is ‘between’, which is a lot more than a preposition in this case. When you hear references about ‘sons of light vs sons of darkness’, it is here at the curse where it all begins.
Simply put, there are two distinct groups of people on the planet, diametrically opposed to each other by way of God’s input of enmity on the equation. Without the enmity, the two groups may have one day become one giant evil group through propagation and challenged God. However because of the enmity, it is the desire to be the dominant force of power on the planet that drives the cancerous sons of darkness who are part of the serpent’s bloodline. 

Since this sounds almost like something from the ‘Left Behind’ series or ‘tin foil hat’ talk, a certain percentage of readers may choose not to believe the following scenario. That is the first level of entrance, belief! Belief is the key to opening any metaphysical book for gaining knowledge [and power]. It is that way with the Bible and it is that way for the remnant that I write to and for. If you have a better ‘exit plan’ or exit explanation of the last days, now reduced to minutes, feel free to just follow my music/political adventures. Smell you later. 

However if you are like those very smart folks in the ‘Why’ video who are asking ‘why make the earth uninhabitable’ the answer is deceptively simple. The earth is about to enter another cycle of replenishment, and guess what Sports Fans, we didn’t make the cut. So, like a fish tank owner who decides to start a salt water tank from a previously fresh water system, the environment must be changed to support the incoming species. This was the unspoken message shared by the alchemists, the shaman, the love tribes, and out-of-the-box political intellectual thinkers at Occupy, hence the oft-repeated call to the 99% outside the camp to ‘Wake Up!’

Questions about ‘who, what, why’ are irrelevant. When you hear sound bites like Romney’s 47% remark/intonation or read Akin’s ‘legal rape and a woman’s body automatically shuts down’ logic, it’s easy to see how the 1% could be seduced into believing that with all their money and power, they could and would survive poisoning the earth. Yeah, they are that dumb.

This is the part in the westerns where you turn over the barroom café table and wait for the beer bottles to start flying. Now comes the time to decide where you are in the room. The Lord tells us that there are 3 kinds of people in the final scene: the doomed, the saved [the meek will inherit the (new) earth], and the chosen aka the elect. Decide which group you are in and which group you want to be in, and then believe you can be in one of the two groups to see daylight at the end of the tunnel if you feel doomed. Also ask yourself, do you really want to live forever? Some people don’t.

And now for something completely different – next, Funnel of Love

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