Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Temecula, CA – There is joy in Mudville tonight as the people who Mormons consider to be ‘mud people’ aka not white-skinned, celebrate the return of the nation’s leader to a position of rightful authority in standing up to the bully of the 47%. Last night, all the immigrants and ‘illegals’, read Mexicans, got to see the real Mitt Romney style, sans Gangham, and it wasn’t pretty. For the LGBT and MMJ crews it was a rerun.

Portraying a "severely conservative", heavy-handed, condescending, "boss" Bishop Romney, who, if elected, with Ryan, would execute the GOP agenda of gutting the safety net, and crippling future Americans with the debt. A Romney-Ryan plutocratic "reign" will spell misery for all but the ultra-rich and severely conservative/"religious" while unleashing more war misery upon the world.

Medicare: Voucherized
Social Security: Privatized
Affordable Health Care Act ("Obamacare"): Repealed
Foreign policy: Increased military spending, another likely unfunded war, waged by neo-con chicken hawks
Abortion: Outlawed, Repeal of Roe v. Wade
Environment: Global warming- ignored
Regulation: None. Industries self-regulate, right?
Jobs: Outsourced to China. Google "Freeport, Illinois" for an eye opener
Immigration/Minorities: Smell you later
Supreme Court: More extremists like Scalia, Alito, and Thomas. Remember “Citizens United" [2008] was a plan started in 1885.

Voting IS a sacred political right, won by blood, sweat, and tears! ELECTION Day is the only day of the year when college student and service worker wield the same power as the CEO [providing the election isn’t stolen again, cough, 2000]. 

You paid into Medicare and Social Security your entire career/list of jobs. You're not a "moocher" or "taker" when you use the benefits that BELONG to you! The millionaire politicians who utter these catchphrases are themselves not enrolled in either Social Security or Medicare, but their first class insurance benefits are paid for by US taxpayer dollars.

The revolution won’t be televised because it has already happened. Everything bought by the government with taxpayer funds is now the government’s property to own, not the public’s. Taxpayer paid-for government possessions are now solely the property of the government, be it a city government, a county government, a state government, or a national government. This is what Occupy showed a sleeping, fluoride-induced nation. Get your government-issued photo ready, and VOTE. This election, even more than the last, is being spun on lies and racism in an appeal to ideological sappiness.

However, our old Romney was back. Any woman who watched Romney last night saw a man who clearly has no respect for women. The way he treated Candy Crowley showed us exactly what he thinks of women. He was rude, petty & petulant. His sense of entitlement, the rules don't apply to me, "I'm speaking now. You'll get your turn," was on full display. He lied constantly. 

And now he and his surrogates are trying to convince us that Candy was out of line for calling Romney out on his misconception. No it does not work that way! Romney was rightfully called out. He needs to step up & admit he was out of line, but he won't. Romney seems out of focus with more than just 47% of the country. 

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  1. President Obama said that Mitt Romney was conveniently forgetting conservative policies and adopting moderate