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Temecula, CA – While most people in the country will be watching the Presidential debate tonight, a small minority will be prepping for the most important debate of their life, and yours. What makes this debate so essential is that the central issues lie at the heart of what it means to be an American, or any citizen for that matter, food and your right to know the food you’re eating. 
At 3 p.m. Oct. 19, Chapman University in the city of Orange, will host a panel discussion on Proposition 37, which calls for the labeling of genetically modified food. The event is free but RSVPs – including your company or school affiliation – are requested to CU.FoodScienceClub@gmail.com

Activist for RightToKnow and Prop. 37 OC area leader John Diaz (see recent Occupy/GMO stories this site) will argue for the measure. Joining John will be David Murphy of Food Democracy Now to educate the public about Bio-Tech monopolies which occur when GMO crops cross-breed with neighboring non-GMO farms. The GMO contaminated crops become the 'property of Monsanto' and must be fought for by small farmers in court to avoid losing their heirloom deeds. Speaking for the aptly named ‘con’ side will by Brendan Huffman, a paid spokesman [lobbyist] for the No on 37 campaign, and George Salmas, the managing principal of The Food Lawyers.

The event will take place from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Beckman Hall Room 404 on the Orange campus of Chapman University. A website for the event has more info, or call Dana @ 714.744.7644 Food Science

However the day for the Yes on 37 gang will start a little earlier in the day at the Circle in Orange.

    1:00pm  Volunteers and public meet inside the park area Orange Circle with signs and banners.

     1:45pm Historic Right to Know March for GMO Labeling.  March begins, we walk once around the traffic circle then head three blocks to Beckman Hall. RIGHTTOKNOW'S favorite Volunteer Banjo Activist / Musician Travis will lead us on our March.

   2:05 - 2:20pm We assemble outside of Beckman Hall and all pose for newspaper pictures.      
   2:30pm Dave, John and our media tech's prep for Debate inside.
   3:00pm Panel starts

"We are working on a "float" that properly displays our total concern over GMOs." Said John.

    The media has been alerted. Our chances are quite good that we will be picked up for broadcast because of these reasons.
1) A Chapman University event lends credibility. 
2) This is a real time hot election issue.
3) The Register and the Times have already consented with Chapman and will be photographing the event.
4) The Panel Debate will be filmed by Chapman. All major news TV stations have been informed.

The event at Beckman will be semi - formal attire. But, please do not worry about walking in your Sunday clothes. It is only a few blocks from the Orange Circle to Beckman Center.

 It will be easy to park your cars close to the Orange Circle. There will be a lot of parking available at that time of day. Also understand that there will be an employee with a cart on hand to store all of your street signs and banners. All will be safe for pick up after the event.

Please RSVP so you know that you will have a seat. Understandably this will be a packed auditorium of both Pro and Con supporters. We need your support! Other college campuses presenting Pro 37 panels have been bushwhacked by trolls who asked questions which were all Con! We suspect a similar tactic may be employed here.

Move to Amend endorses Prop 37, requiring the labeling of genetically engineered foods, and supports the work of the California Right to Know campaign. No ballot issue more clearly displays corporate power and wealth at work in our electoral process, than that surrounding Prop. 37.
We have the right to make informed decisions about what we eat.

California is not only among the largest economies on Earth, it is also the world’s fifth largest supplier of food and agriculture commodities. Agriculture and chemical corporations, along with their trade associations, have collectively spent more than $32 million to prevent us from knowing what’s in our food.
Big corporations like Monsanto, Dow, and Nestle, are funding the opposition to defeat a sensible measure to inform consumers of our food choices.

If Prop 37 fails, corporations will have won a massive victory in that their privacy rights will expand at the expense of our right to know. If Prop 37 succeeds, it reaffirms our rights as people and sets the stage for passage of a national labeling law.

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