Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Full Value Food Review: Red Brick Pizza in Temecula

By: Bill Gould

While browsing the interwebs this morning, I came across an ad for Red Brick Pizza in Temecula California and that they had Gluten Free pizza. I have to eat gluten free due to a severe allergy, not as some fad diet, so when a restaurant advertises 'Gluten Free' I am always a bit suspicious.

That being said, I decided to take the risk of eating at a new place and put my physical well being in the hands of some folks at a restaurant I have never met. Scary. Yes, I said scary. Ill admit it sounds kinda snarky, but it is real - cross contamination sucks and is often painful for days with other undesired consequences not fit for print in a food review.

So off I went...

When I entered, I was greeted by a man named George, he appeared to be the owner. He was pleasant and clearly understood what 'gluten-free' food was. He did however make the restaurant sin of actually telling me he wasn't very busy today. That always sets off a red flag, as in 'why are they not busy? is the food that bad?'

Thank goodness the food was good, they should be busier!

I ordered a gluten free Margarita Pizza and a bottle of water. The water came in a glass bottle and was cold and refreshing. The pizza came out hot, looking good and tasted great. The tomatoes were fresh cut, as was the basil. They offered red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese and a sea salt grinder. Yummy. They even offer real metal forks! For people interested, they have a full array of pizza, salad and gelato (ice cream). As for the cross-contamination; it is very minimal, they have separated pizza stones and utensils. I wrote this article 8 hours later and feel fine. I would recommend this place as a great option for football sundays take out and lunch, however do to the small seating area, it is not a place for sports teams to gather after a game. My meal was a lunch and my total bill was under $10, so the price is 'on the money', a definite thumbs up.

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Red Brick Pizza
32195 Temecula Parkway
Temecula California 92592

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