Thursday, October 4, 2012



Temecula, CA – The reviews are in. Willard’s last stand became Willard’s best stand. What happened? “Obama has fallen in love with is polls. He thinks he has this election wrapped up already. He underestimated Romney and got creamed because of it,” was one wag’s view. Another opined, “Lehrer did get bulldozed by Romney. Anybody who watched the debate can tell you that. He let Romney interrupt Obama, but Obama let himself be bulldozed. Romney stepped on Obama in the middle of his comments. Obama did have more time speaking, technically, but he was cut off repeatedly by Romney. It takes more time to resume what you're saying when you have to keep starting over because you're being rudely interrupted.”

Is Romney a bully? Yes, in the way a plant manager is a bully. Ask anyone who has worked in industry, especially the manufacturing side, if they have ever seen a gentle plant manager. ‘No’ is the answer. Plant managers are bullies. They bully everyone down the chain of command. Plus, “Funny to see Romney all hopped up on coke or something,” expressed one viewer while another, “Twitchy hyperactive hyperbole.”

“Obama acted like he had been awoken from a deep, deep nap,” was a comment as was “Both Lehrer and Obama were flat tonight. Neither seemed really engaged. Romney was prepared but what he said contradicted what he has been saying for the last 6 months. He needed to be pinned down on that but wasn't. Obama must be hungry because Romney ate his lunch.”

Romney realized or was told that on TV, appearance matters, not facts, attitude, or agendas. I doubt that Barack has ever met a man/opponent like the type Romney is. Mitt on the other hand, has a long religious culture that has prepared him to deal with someone like Obama. The next debate will be interesting to see just how astute and forward thinking Obama is. The Rumble in the Rockies goes to the bully, Mitt Romney, and Jim Lehrer limps off to join Big Bird at the retirement home. But none of this really matters because the whole thing, like the RNC, was scripted from start to finish.

“When the League of Women Voters bowed out due to corporate pressure the beauty and the value of the debates was simply lost.” Lehrer could have controlled the debate better. Not that it really mattered. All the questions were of the sort that would have led to the same answers. The topics mandated by the contract between the two political parties and the Presidential Debate Commission -- a private corporation. In short, the two campaigns contracted with the Commission NOT to have questions in the "domestic issues" debate about:

Climate change
Growing prison populations
Death penalty
Women’s health
The environment
Domestic surveillance
Voting rights
Bargaining rights
State budget crises
Rising gun violence
Student and consumer debt
Disparity of wealth
Consolidated media
Campaign finance
Privacy rights
Keystone Pipeline
Global Engineering over US soil
Freedom of protests
"Politics is theater. It doesn't matter if you win. You make a statement. You say, I'm here, pay attention to me" – Harvey Milk

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