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Temecula, CA – According to the Bible and independent records, Noah spent 150 years building the arks, one for the humans and one for the animals. For those one hundred and fifty years, Noah’s neighbors, seemingly ancient Republicans, laughed at and scorned Noah right up until the dark clouds gathered and the waters swept them away.
Today we drill and use fossil fuels without regard for Mother Nature. Obviously we collectively have forgotten the old TV ad comic tagline, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

Already lost are two crew members of the replica HMS Bounty and five French people aboard a yacht in the Caribbean. Although still almost two hundred miles at sea, flooding has already started for numerous areas up and down the eastern seaboard. This thrilla is a killa but not in Manilla.

With that last little zinger thrown out for a cheap laugh, the timing of this ‘perfect storm’ is worth noting, especially for Republicans who are expected to vote the straight Romney/Ryan/Akin (in Missouri) ticket. Many, it seems, have forgotten the weather event that forced the RNC to tailor its functions around another hurricane which roared through convention territory this past summer. Now this major weather event whose impact will be felt at least through November 6 is unfolding.
If Mother Nature is bipartisan, as in ‘it rains on the saints and sinners alike’, then what could have steamed the old girl’s clams?
Pundits on Morning Joe of course mentioned Climate Change, an easy donkey to pin the tail on. But is it really that easy?

When you look at the Republican party of today, it has made a hard right turn much like Sandy’s hard left turn to the States. Stats show racism is up and rising, and crooks, the white collar type who steal from the public welfare, are now brazen about it, untouchable by the system they own. In short, a house divided against itself cannot stand, a point made to me not long ago by one of the DBS* Boys. So could this just be God’s way of giving US a pimp slap upside the head, as New York’s Wall Street and Washington, D.C. are the heads of the country?
Again I feel that is too pat an answer. The Republicans are for more drilling, less compassion to seniors and women, and privatizing Social Security so all the money stolen by the government will be forgiven in the change of the system. Having put millions out of work to make one man lose his job may be ignominious, but that is still just humans being mean to other humans; something which has happened ever since Cain.

Jesus once said something about the world [Nature] recognizing who he was despite the fact that his fellow Jews didn’t. If that is true and I do believe Jesus, then what is to prevent the earth [Nature] from recognizing the Anti-Christ?
Many people either don’t believe the AC will come in their lifetime or that Obama is the AC.
Back in the 80s and 90s a number of theories about the AC were floating high. Many of these predictions had differing Muslims usually, as the coming to power, already born AC. The calculations leading to the conclusion of birth seemed well thought out and though various experts agreed on the calculations, the identity always shifted from person to person on the world stage. At present, none of the old guesses has panned out. Now Barack is the pony many people who go as ‘Christian’ are riding. But though Barry’s a ringer, he lacks the punch of an AC.
The Anti-Christ couldn’t be a Muslim for the Bible tells us that the whole world will follow the AC. That same Bible tells us that all will be against the seed of Ishmael. That’s not a trait to gather a world following as today Christians kill Muslims in two countries and even Buddhists are razing Muslim villages in two other countries. Someone to rule the world nowadays is going to have to come from the physical mold of the majority of world leaders. And it will be on looks that the AC is elected and followed. This nation elected Obama on his looks (and campaign promises).

Therefore it is my contention that the headlines-grabbing weather events of the recent past and present are the announcement of coming attractions, the arrival of the human rep for this age of the Anti-Christ, which began officially in 1937**. Despite the intentions, plans, hopes and dreams of millions, the Anti-Christ is about to enter the world stage as the leader of the ‘free world’. Mother Nature isn’t going berserk, she’s just heralding that his time is come. Ah, here comes the waitress with our check for being so inhospitable to each other; her name is Sandy.  
(* - DBS Boys, a Christian group of stoners who drive by and stone you, ** - see The Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green when released)

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